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Wyrmrest Accord
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Within the wild lands of Feralas lives a tribe that has endured the ages. Their lives revolve around the protection of the wild places and maintaining the balance of the Earthmother. They will not falter, and they will not fade:

The Shadowhoof scout peered over the rope bridge, grinning at the refugees down below. He gave a shout and grabbed a tether to swing down and land heavily near a Kodo. The travelers were from Freewind, or what remained, and the scout listened to their plight. He offered an escort to the nearest camp, Mo'jache.

Further south a larger camp watched the tunnels of the Silithid carefully. They spoke of tactics and plans to block the entrance to the hive. It wouldn't stop the advancement, but it would slow them down. Warriors and hunters grabbed their weapons and butt heads to build up their courage and strength. They were to rouse the insect swarm to try and bury who they could with the tunnel collapse.

Far to the north another group sang and danced the ancient rites and rituals passed down from generation to generation. Spiritwalkers and rite seekers alike praised An'she and Mu'sha with their tokens of respect. Totems were being carved, and songs were being created in this camp on the cliffs of the colossi.

Even to the edge of the world, the Shadowhoof praised their ancestors. A gathering of fisherman walked a pathway with songs of praise to the dead. They were honoring their kinsmen who had died out to sea, as they hoisted nets onto kodos and prepared for the next big fishing trip. Nothing would keep them from surviving as they had for centuries. For they were Shadowhoof... All of them.


UPDATE 11/8/13: Slowly the beast is reviving from our month long hiatus!


The borders between Feralas, Thousand Needles, Mulgore, and Desolace are once again under the watch of the full strength of the tribe. Kurshaw and the tribe will keep to their oath to honor the wilds. With that, we plan to keep hosting our events and will keep up the Shu'halo roleplay we have become known for presenting. Do not be scared about placing in an application, but be aware that membership to our website is a requirement to be a part of the tribe.

If you are interested in a chance encounter with the tribe, let us know! While we might not be overly friendly ICly, OOCly we love interacting with anyone and everyone! If you would like to join in our quest to expand the tauren profile and give more depth to their mythology with crafted stories and song, give us a try. We are looking for members who want to expand the lexicon of tauren rites and ceremonies while giving new and interesting twists on what was once seen as only a placid race.

Contacts: Azriell, Eiahakuija, Kamäli, Kunura, Kurshaw

By Shu'halo, for Shu'halo - This is an all tauren tribe. While members are encouraged to roleplay with whomever they want, we will have many tribal storylines and plots running in the background that feature tauren. This is a project dedicated to giving the tauren a rich and dynamic story in the fallout of sparse lore and plot holes.
The winds whisper across the great plains of Mulgore hinting at great change. We of the Windsong listen...

We grow tired of the death, destruction, and mindless war. What reason do we have to fight? A blood pact... One that expired when our great leader died. For what, to protect the peace he so rightly deserved from a warmonger? For years, we have been seen as nothing more than tools, useful as nothing more than cannon fodder.

When did we stop being Tauren? The children of Alo Nokee Washte... Shu'Halo? When did we become the mindless drones of the Horde?

For too long have we listened to the bloodthirsty Horde, instead of the winds. This is why the Windsong Herd shall join our sister tribe, The Shadowhoof, as part of The Thundering Herd!

And so it begins! The Windsong and Shadowhoof are returning with a big bang, and by the pandas will this be fun! For those of you looking to join either guild please keep a few things in mind.

1) Both guilds, while part of the same faction shall each serve different purposes. The Windsong are the Lorekeepers, Bards, and Tradesmen, while the Shadowhoof are Warriors and Ambassadors. Feel free to jump between guilds based on your character development.

2) As Kurshaw stated above, we are not good and we are not evil. We are a neutral faction and request that you treat both Horde and Alliance accordingly.

3) If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to ask us both here, through mail, or in a whisper. We don't bite! At least... I don't. I don't know about Kurshaw... x3

And finally! The Windsong are recruiting!
Stalk us here:

Look for more surprises and fun times later!


I missed you!

I LOVE the idea and concept. If anyone can do it, you can! I looking forward to seeing more for both guilds.

Behold the power of hoof!
The female stood against the strong gusts trying to disrupt her footing. The cliffs were cracking under hoof and the old matriarch did her best to cope. Everything was as she had left it, albeit a little worn. A waft of smoke let her know she was close. She quickly grabbed another hand hold and continued her climb.

She could have simply flown up here. As a druid, she knew the magics to help her journey. However, she knew as a Shadowhoof she should be able to climb the mountain cliffs with ease. She pressed on. The elders will be glad to see she has returned.


'Behold the power of hoof!' I'm gonna snag that. XD

I would also like to place an open palm to any tauren tribes interested in joining the mooovement. (See wut I did thur) Just message either Azriell, Nightreed, or myself and we will work on getting you into the story.


Every new moon we will host a Tauren gathering for socializing and fun.
Every full moon we will host our meets. Tauren only.
You might remember me more as this character :3


So happy that you are back, I missed your caravans~
12/10/2012 04:46 PMPosted by Kurshaw
We will no longer be their tools.

It's good to see that some tauren can still be classified as vertebrates.

Joking aside, the guild looks really good.

Good luck.
It's good to see the Shadowhoof back up and running in the public light. Kurshaw will most definitely be hearing from Huatar soon!
Ahh, the honorable Kurshaw Shadowhoof manages to pry her quivering tail from between her legs and grace the world with her presence once again. Is it mere coincidence that, when Hellscream's eyes turned from Kalimdor, you and your lot finally came out of hiding? Or have you finally come to your senses and wish to aid me in ushering in a new era for the shu'halo people?

((Homg Yay!! Wb Kurshaw and the Shadowhoof! You've been sorely missed! <333 ))
Oh yeaaah! This is going to get good, isn't it? :D
Damn! I wanna roll a tauren to join, though, I won't have access to my account until the 9th of January and that's only a probably. Is there anything I can do to gain entry after then?
Yay Kurshaw! I'm so excited to see you back. *sends much love*
This looks interesting, by the way even though you guys aren't members of the Horde you can still come to Ratchet and have us at the Blackmarket Cartel get you something you can't normaly get, for a price of course.
Well now! If it isn't Mato Stormherd! Glad to see the Kaldorei arrows keep missing their mark, let us hope that continues. Last I heard you were retreating from the forest elves with your tail between your legs. Glad to see you didn't soil yourself when you fled. The elves don't want your warband trying to claim everything as yours, and neither do I.

I remember when you were still a little lost bull looking to start a tribe of your own. I guess it worked out for you in the end. Why don't you go back and lord over that hole of yours in Tanaris... It suits you well. If you wish to conquer Feralas for your own, I'd advise against it. Be sure to remember your manners and mind the shadows, Un'gorian, or they might be the death of you.

(( Eh hehehe! I can tell this is going to be a lovely rivalry. Perhaps we should talk, I think both our characters could grow a lot from this little turf war. ))


I would also like to announce that the Spirited and elusive Whitetail has returned along with the spitfire playwright Nightreed. Their players contributed a large portion of our lore writing and event development! I'm very VERY happy to bring the news of their revival as well.

Please don't forget! The Windsong Herd is back and ready for action. Our sister tribe is working hard to help develop the monthly 'New Moon Drum Circle' and the Markets! If you are looking to join either guild please contact the officers and we will start roleplaying with you right away! We will be recruiting for a long while to come, so roll a tauren and join the fun!
I will have to come check it out! I miss RPing with you Kurshaw <3
We should get a meeting going between the Sons, Shadowhoof, and Earthspear. That'll be interesting.
We should get a meeting going between the Sons, Shadowhoof, and Earthspear. That'll be interesting.

Red Wedding anyone?
Well, the Earthspear are welcome to join in the Tauren shenanigans coming up. The Son's of Un'Goro are more of a conglomeration of races, so I have heard. They don't quite fit the Thundering Herd mold, but it's not like we wouldn't want to roleplay with them!

Also, the Windsong Herd tried the whole meeting thing... Didn't really go very well, from what I hear. XD Which is why we are going to just have a wild party this time!


Pfft, no one got married yet! Unless by 'Red Wedding' you mean the Shadowhoof will be assassinating their rivals. *Thinks* I could go for that... x3
Good luck with that. =/

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