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Wyrmrest Accord
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The Matriarch stood next to her Hippogryph, the beast dancing around as if he might float off with the breeze at any moment. Laughter lifted up over the cliff face and Kurshaw looked to her left as a small detail of younger tribe members tumbled in the wind. The leader dove through the canopy into Feralas, and her three companions followed with a 'whoop' and a cheer.

The Shadowhoof Chieftess hopped on her hippogryph and the creature gave a screech of excitement, "Come now... Lets see how good the fliers have gotten in our absence... Hee yee-ooo!"

@Retrimootion - Haha, I saw that... There is also a Dog Sled team called the Thundering Herd! I was looking over their site the other day XD
Kurshaw looked down at the children huddled in front of the tent, and she gave a loud huff. One of the kids turned and quickly nudged their friends. Each turning and shrinking under the matriarch's glare, they all rushed off as Kurshaw waved them away. With a smile as she shook her head, Kurshaw walked in.

"How is the child, Whitetail?"

The shaman turned and leaned on his staff, "Just fine. He will recover perfectly... Maybe now the little ones will listen when someone says 'don't eat that'..."

Kurshaw looked to the calf, he was asleep but peaceful. "Doubtful... They are children after all." She gave a nod to the shaman and left the tent chuckling. Kids...


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A Great Horned Owl soars the skies over Thunderbluff. His name is Suramar, named after the city of birth of his master. Looking down, he finds himself a sign post to perch on making himself noticable to the gathering of Tauren below him. Attached to his beak is a note that reads:

"Greatings Shu'halo brothers and sisters,

My name is Argas Moonseer. Commander of the Kaldorei Resistance and druid brother of the Cenarion Circle. As you well know escalations between both factions due to this war are at a all time high. While views vary on who started this war, the one thing we can agree is that there must be peace somewhere between both factions. While I will not lie, I will defend my lands and home against any who threaten it, but on that same token, I found a hand held out to shake in peace is far greater than a fist any day.

Today my Thero’shan was reading through the assemblage of documents regarding the history of the Circle and I am reminded once again of the union of our people. Unity. It is an intresting word is it not?

In a word, unity means oneness, or togetherness. When there is oneness there is likely to be more strength in opinion, more strength in action, and more strength in character. For example: if you take a stick, it could break easily. But when you take a bundle of sticks, it is hard to break. This is the unique power of unity.

So what I propose is a union. I would like for my group to meet with yours. To forge an alliance, explore each others cultures, and to aid each other in anyway. It is correct to say that we cannot face our enemy single handed as successfully as we can when we are united. Despite that both factions are at war with each other and many are force to choose a side, I am proud to say I have chosen a side. That side is peace. While I still will defend my home and it’s people, and as a druid I am honor bound to protect nature and it’s creatures, I know full well the power of peace and the power of unity. I look forward to hearing your reply. If other races of the Horde share your views, we will be happy to meet with them as well.

Ishnu-dal-dieb… Good fortune to your family,

Commander Argas Moonseer"
The matriarch looked over the letter and nodded. She wasn't much for writing, that was Checotan's forte. However, she had her marksman and her skytalons. Taking an arrow, she wrapped three honor marks around the shaft.

Stepping from her tent, Kurshaw walked down towards the lower cliff face. She could hear the hippogryph and wyvvern calls as the riders were saddling up for their evening flight. The chieftess made eye contact with her best marksman, a black and white mottled female and handed her the arrow.
"I need this message sent to the elves."

Not much else needed to be said before the marksman left to deliver the arrow. A light friendly growl gave the Matriarch pause, as she looked off towards where the messenger had gone. Chuckling, Kurshaw gave a wave to the coyote and it followed her back to the tent for a meal.

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The elder looked out over the cliffs and gave a heavy sigh. So much had happened in such a short space of time. Kurshaw, his beloved Matriarch, had returned from the dead. So had Seraiaga who had disappeared to Pandaria for a while, but now she had returned as well. Last, he finally had found his niece again, but she was now the Chieftess of the Windsong now.

He looked back on to the village before shifting forms into that of his hawk. As he rose from the ground, he thought to himself. "I am getting too old for this...." He then flew off, heading into the wilds of Feralas.

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A summary of the situation as I have seen it~

Things have taken a turn for the worse in Pandaria, it seems. A Goblin confidant of mine has revealed to me a series of unfortunate events that may very well put a strain on whatever tenuous relationship the Tauren have with the Night Elves. I understand a Horde incursion to Darnassus was involved, and futhermore, Dalaran appears to be no longer neutral which could gravely tip the balance of the conflict if in fact the Kirin Tor have chosen one side over the other. Specific details are uncertain, but be aware that the entire dynamic of the Horde-Alliance relationship has changed. You may very well be inextricably caught between the aggression of Hellscream's campaign and what might appear to be the inevitable counter of Stormwind and Dalaran combined.

Invest your trust wisely.

~A Distant Eye
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Old wounds. Old failures. My shame.

It was my duty to protect the Shadowhoof. It was my duty to keep all outsiders away, or at least, moving quickly through our lands on the roads. But I failed in that. Both the Horde and the Alliance have moved in and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I could not stop the great calamity. Shamed, I couldn't bear to face the others of my tribe, so I went soul searching. Hoping that the Earth Mother would guide me in my grief.

For years, I have been gone. I have heard no word, have seen no trace of any other Shadowhooves. Until now. There are whispers going around that they are back, in some small measure. My heart tells me to go find them, to retake my place amongst them. But my shame keeps my hooves from moving.

I failed them once. How can I possibly be welcome after my failure?
The Matriarch stood by the pond at the top of the twin colossus. She frowned, remembering the talks she used to have with her people. Many of the elders were gone, and most of her council left on soul searching missions. She had not seen or heard of anyone since her capture in the Abyss. Where were they now? Alive, dead...?

Kurshaw took a moment to look towards Jademir Lake, and her heart dropped. She remembered the old shaman who would watch over the Dream Bough. Now it was abandoned. The matriarch took the lessons she had learned from the old bull Hotto and sang into the winds. She sang of a happier time in the Shadowhoof history, and of all those lost to her. She hoped that it would call those who were still out there home.


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The male tauren grabbed a small piece of coal and started to write:

Dear Azriell,

I hope things are going well for the Herd. I wanted to let you know that I have plans to visit the far corners of Azeroth in search of rarer beasts. I won't be returning home for a long while. Please take care of my uncle while I am gone.

Even though Hotto is back, he's still an old bull. Don't let him get over whelmed. I wish you all luck as the Herd grows alongside the Shadowhoof. I hope our sister tribe fairs well.

Peace and Patience be with you
Leyatee Windsong
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From the cover of brush the huntress watches the moving herds while keeping her bow trained on each one as they pass by, for they would not see her as long as she kept still. As the daylight faded she moved back from the group speaking with a low voice to her owl companion, "This is what the Commander wanted to join?! I shall see their life drained onto the ground before they set foot in our lands." Nodding to the owl it flys off into the night to deliver its message to another.

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Will Kurshaw help me look for the deals.....I...I want the best deals, like jerry gives me.

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