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Wyrmrest Accord
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The Matriarch looked to the skies and nodded her approval. The skytalons flew over and spread out across mulgore as the caravan made their way through the plains. The elves that watched her people from the shadows gave her pause. If the natives of Feralas were to live in peace they would have to trust one another once more.

She shook her head and blinked when a small hand crept into hers. The young female looked up and smiled wide. Kurshaw let the troubles fade from her mind. This was not the place, she was with her people and they were about to open their market for the first time in years! This was a happy day.

The Matriarch picked up the little calf and gave her a hug. She propped her up on a shoulder and continued the march with her people. Spotting Azriell in the crowd, Kurshaw started up the caravan song.
*Stamps with the Duff seal of aprooOOOooval.* (Get it? It's funny.)
Duff, you are the best! I love puns more then I should >.<

Greetings from the Thundering Herd!

I just wanted to take the time to congratulate Wyrmrest Accord on another year full of roleplay and fun antics! Those of you who have been with our server since the beginning, I hope that you remain here with us and remember the good times. For those of you who are with us for the first time, I hope that you have enjoyed your stay and you plan to stick with it and claim a little slice of our server as home.

The sun is running, the moon gives chase!
We walk below with a smile on our face.
With days that grow and ebb like the sea;
And nights full of rest for you and me...

Forward we march into the unknown,
We brace ourselves for what lies ahead.
Our friends and our families all by our side,
There is little in our hearts that we dread.

Bring on the trials and the heartache of life!
We stand against everything strong.
Family and friends who stand by your side,
The Thundering Herd is where we belong!

~A tribal drum song written by Atee'hep Softchime

The Thundering Herd wants to wish everyone a safe New Years! Just remember, even though folks might claim that roleplay is dead, we are proof that when a community pushes to bring life to a game it can happen!
So tell me, I play the role of a Farseer, I'm older ICly, and love the idea of RPing somewhere Trade chat isnt visible on a map that most players dont even level through anymore.

What are my options?

.. Oh, I'm also a recovering Raid addict and have put in a ton more time into Nelf RP then any Horde RP.

Get back to me on this.
It sounds like you have a choice:

The Windsong Herd has more bards and tale-spinners that travel around as nomads.

The Shadowhoof Tribe have more tradesmen and lorekeepers. They tend to stay in Feralas or Desolace.

As a Farseer you have to decide if your goal for Taurajo is to become a keeper of tribal tales and history, or if you want to take part as a spiritual leader. Also, farseers are tribal specific. You would have to attune yourself to those you choose to walk beside, or we would have to work with you to create a back story that links you with the tribes history. That is, IF you want to become a spiritual leader. Either or will work, it's up to you to decide how much work you want to put into the concept.

As for the recovering Raid aspect, well... Both tribes are gearing up again to fumble through some raids. We are in no way experts, but we love poking our heads in and seeing how far we can go.

Feel free to poke me in game, or send me a letter . ^.^!
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BAM! I love these guys, they're a hoot in vent as well. Awesome tribes, you should join if you're a tauren.
The Matriarch stood amid the small collection of newbie fliers. Her grin exposed her sharp fangs to the younger tribesmen and they clung to the harnesses of their windriders. "So you think you have what it takes to fly with the Shadowhoof? Let us see... Let us test your metal... You will handle a full assault from the air."

The Shadowhoof Chieftess gave a whistle and a detail of three shadowhoof fliers flew over the heads of the recruits. The hippogryphs giving loud battle cries. The windriders each gave growls and roars in response. The leader held fast to the knapsack he had received from the Matriarch.

With a sharp turn and a flick of her tail, Kurshaw mounted her hippogryph and it reared up. "We'll be waiting for you in the sky! Lets see how well you keep your balance as you avoid losing that bag! HEEE-YAAH!"


Still working out the timing and the mecanics, but soon the Shadowhoof will be hosting a flight training for their skytalons again. Yay for airshows!
A loving hug and bump from a long-lost Ahoa.

This is magnificent. I miss my Tauren now.
*Kicks the thread back up to the top, then apologizes to the thread*
The Chieftess pat her hippogryph and leaned slightly to turn the beast. The mid-day flight was keeping her mind off current stress. The wind flew past her as the blur of deep greens and blues flashed by. Her mount was taking them to the camp near Onerios. Kurshaw thought about the area, where she would meditate and calm her thoughts.

What she saw was something completely different. Quickly bringing her hippogryph to a stop, the Matriarch growled. Nestled in the thicket were a group of satyr. "They wander through desolace causing havoc, I won't see them defile this land too."

Kurshaw gave a loud battle cry and dove.


Hi Ahoa!! If you miss your tauren you should make another to come visit! :3

That goes for all of you "I miss my Tauren" posters! If you have an extra toon slot and you wanna play a tauren, you should! We have events every other week, and we are starting up a mini storyline for those in the Herd! It'll be great! Everyone is welcome!
Indeed, I need you all to join this guild as tauren. Naive, impressionable tauren. Do it. I need to sell you things. All the things.
The Matriarch looked over the goblin's spread of jewelry and uncut precious stones. The glittering items would make for great accents to the Chieftess's headdress. She looked over a cut feather broach and tilted her head.

Reaching out, Kurshaw brushed the feathers before she picked up the trinket. Cheiftess Feathermane would love this for her collection. In a snap decision that left her a few copper poorer, the Matriarch left the stall with the item.


All the thingsssss.... Especially if they are shiny or could be used as decorative accoutrement. We like our jewelry.
/nuzzles Kurshaw!

Bumping for awesomeness!
The bull settled in to the rhythm of the drum beats. The gathering was setting off to honor their ancestors, and Leyatee was to bless them on their journey. His uncle was still with the Shadowhoof Chieftess somewhere amid the gathering of tribe members.

We honor the great and noble
We honor the brave and daring
We honor the wise and cunning
We honor the creative and the imaginative
We honor our ancestors who live and breathe
Infused in everything from rock to cloud
My the travel be safe and protected
And my your songs carry far into the winds

~ A Windsong Ancestral Blessing


Eeeee, I'm super excited about the Thundering Herd storyline! I hope you are all ready for some really fun and in depth story building. I plan on getting pretty deep up in here! X3
Adoerte looks around and sighs. He wonders where his old teacher had gone off to. He then shifts into bird form and flys off

Bumping this, so much love for my moos!
Azriell pushed her drake toward Feralas. As much as she loved the plains of Mulgore, she always had a mind for seeing more exotic venues. The massive drake lurched and dove into the line of trees that marked the edge of Feralas, shaking the young bard out of her trance.

Branches rushed past and Az let out a wild cry of excitement. The beast and rider broke through the sea of leaves, flying over a small lake, and Az let out another cry of joy. As she flew, Az spotted a number of hippogryphs keeping pace with the drake, each carrying a Shadowhoof rider. Waving to the scouts and pointing to the ground, she signaled her landing.

So much love for my Shadowhoof moo-peoples!
Much love and support for the Shadowhoof!

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