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Wyrmrest Accord
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OMG guys! The last event was a frikken BLAST! I hope to see a few apps pop up. If you left us an app and wwe have not gotten with you, please let me know via mail. sometimes RL gets crazy and stuff happens and.. I... Forget... I'M SORRY!!!!

<3 <3 <3 to all the moo-moos!
The young little tauren reached her hand outwards and concentrated. The shade felt cool to the touch, and she shivered a little as her own shadow melted into the tree's. She felt a slight tug, and in her mind she started to panic. She was unsure if the tug was normal, and her hand jerked away.

A calmer and larger hand landed on her shoulder and she froze. "You need not worry about the shadow pulling you into it's embrace. Understand that it is only another side to An'she's grace."

Reaching out her hand again, the little priest let the shadow tug at her and blanket her. She held her breath as the cold washed over her, but marveled at how the shade danced over her body when she opened her eyes. She smiled, this shadow form was pretty neat!
((WE SHALL RISE AGAIN!!!! For the Shadowhoof!!!))
((Also... Where is Chewie... I need to throw him around some more.))
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The matriarch looked over the group traveling with her to the prayer site. The younger ones were running up and down the procession line, and she gave a snort to calm them down.

"I've never gone to a prayer like this before... What is is like?" Kurshaw looked over to a newer female traveling with her tribe. Her ears moved forward and she walked over to listen.


It's nice when other folks come along to our events and roleplays! I enjoy hearing the talk between other members to help the new people understand the reasoning behind our traditions. Soon... Our storyline is still being written, but I foresee the great pilgrimage happening very soon. It is time for the Shu'halo of Wyrmrest accord to honor their ancestors and really enjoy a lore building type of plot!

Oooo, can't wait to see what the Thundering Herd has cooked up!
Bumping it up!
Heya Besti! Thanks for the support! <3

As for the rest of you:

Tired of the same old camp fire talks? Bored of the repetitive family drama roleplay? Want something more? Feeling the itch to BUILD a new kind of Shu'halo? This is the guild for you!

Built off of a deep love of all things tauren, the Shadowhoof Tribe creates lore and drives that deeper story home with event crafting and random open world roleplay. Founded with the mindset to "fill in the blanks", we strive to bring back that tribal feeling that comes with playing a Shu'halo.

Our next story is one of tradition and soul seeking. We invite anyone who wants to join us to come out every Monday night at 7pm server time to experience the tauren tradition. We will be traveling all around Kalimdor for the next month, visiting grave sites and honoring our ancestors. All the while building up to our next large scale event coming in April. You won't want to miss this... The Thundering Herd is on the move!
You be summadem shady cows, eh?
Okay, I'm out of neat RP posts for now.... Also, new event coming up! I also plan on developing the Skytalons! I will be posting a thread on that very soon as well (Tonight actually!)
OoooOOoOOoooo RP shtuffz!
I need to run some more stuff with you guys, the story events are going well, I want to continue with the arc that includes you, if that interests ya.
Sounds great Salss. Hit me up anytime you see me online. I generally am just leveling and bull!@#$ting if we do not already have a planned event.
Good, good. I've started up the Sons of Un'goros events, and now looking to progress each persons ones. Also, even if it's just you, I've developed ways to DM "scenario" style rp events.
Wachiwi looks over the campsite and nods to himself. He walks off to the cliffs of the camp and looks out over the edge. He shifts into his hawk form and flies off. He flies off to the Dream Bough, to meditate. As he flies over the land, he sighs to himself.


Bump for the Shadowhoof! Cant wait to see what events the leaders are cooking up. *Laughs manically*
Kurshaw walked along the cliffs of the current campsite with interest. Far below walked a small band of tauren, not of her tribe or any that she knew. Curious, she kept pace with them, but did not leave her vantage point.

The family, or caravan as she couldn't tell from her altitude, moved awkwardly along the cut path just between the colossi. The Matriarch could tell they were used to the flatlands, or were they? She could see clearer that the group were not moving awkwardly because of their location, they were all hurt!

The call went out and the group of tauren below froze. From above them flew down at least twenty tauren, who quickly surrounded them. Kurshaw hopped off her mount and stepped forward to help the closest one, who quickly collapsed in relief. Her words haunting as her eyes fell shut, "There was... An attack... Camp Mojache-"


WOOH~! I love when people give us something to work with and they don't even realize it, because they are just having fun themselves! Go go alliance! Way to spark our roleplay, thank you! :D
Bump cause you guys are awesome!

And you just got Sha'd!

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((*pokes head into thread, looks around* Ohey, this looks like the right place. *pokes the thread and scurries off* Mehehehe.))
Our storyline is beginning! We have made our first burial site visit! Come out an join us every monday at 7pm server! It'll be full of fun, we promise!

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