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Wait did I miss something tonight ;-;
Kurshaw took the small urn in hand and placed a handful of soil inside. She then placed the jar on the ground with a few other trinkets.

The spirits were thankful to the gathering, as they moved about offering their gifts to the dead. however, Kurshaw could see in the eyes of her Spiritwalkers that the site still weighed heavily with malice and unrest. The wars and bloodshed near such places of power taint their inhabitants.

Standing with her caravan, the Matriarch let the elders gather in the center to perform the cleansing ritual. The lead crone took her staff and began a beat as she struck the ground and stamped a hoof in an alternating rhythm.


Awwe, don't worry hun. It wasn't too much, just a bit of light RP around a burial site. We plan on doing those every Monday till April, when we will unveil our big server event involving the various animal spirit guides. x3

If you want I can post them on a calendar and invite you, so you won't forget!
Okay ;-; I just hate it when I miss some RP I could get in on.

I'm busy as hell with school work but still and yes that would be awesome. Either invite them to this toon or my main Dawnsky and I'll probably see them!

I will do my best to remember to make calendar posts for the Monday night rp sessions. I will invite you as soon as I make them! Don't worry! You are loved!
A short missive addressed to Kurshaw would find its way to the grounds of the Shadowhoof Tribe…

Chieftess of the Shadowhoof,

The name of your tribe was brought up during an unfortunate series of circumstance within Un’Goro Crater recently. Understand, please, that my intention is not to meddle within the affairs of your tribe, but rather a pursuit to secure the safety and integrity of my own.

The Trade Baron of the Blackmarket Cartel made himself a rather untimely arrival in the Crater several evenings back, and spoke of a recent attack made against your tribe. While the details of that attack may very well be none of my business, I will say that the Trade Baron’s appearance during a trespass made against the Crater does not rest at ease with me. Which made me wonder what involvement, if any, he had in regard to the attack made against your tribe. I would also be most interested to know when you kin came under attack. I am curious as to just how closely related all these events seem to be… and where exactly the Trade Baron’s invested interest truly rests amidst it all.

I await any reply you see fit to return on this matter.

My thanks,
Lady Leila’nahe
Kurshaw looked over the letter and frowned. She too believed that the trade baron had more to answer to, what with his convenient arrival at her people's camp grounds and the timely arrival of the trolls.

She growled and crumpled the paper when she remembered how much of a fool the troll chieftain made her look. She traced across her chest and remembered the axe that had embedded itself in her chest armor. She let out a snarl that woke the nearby hippogryph. He stood and walked behind his rider as she made her way to the main fire.

Others of her tribe stood at attention, then quickly stepped aside as she made her way to the edge of the encampment. "I will return as quickly as I can. For now, keep to the feral highlands and the Hippogryph basin. They are well protected... If I do not return, my daughter knows her role."

With that, Kurshaw's mount launched into the canopy.
The Matriarch looked at her surroundings and sighed. The damp air was thick with sounds of life and wilderness. The familiar buzz of insects and silthid made her fur stand on end, but she could tell they were of no threat to her now. Kurshaw readjusted her position and her hippogryph draped a wing across her in a show of affection for his rider. She fell back into a light sleep.

Recently plagued with nightmares of betrayals and deceit, the female only furrowed her brow as they once again invaded her sleep.


Yay for a LOT of new blood coming in to the Tribe recently! I'm really excited to see the guild running events and getting to know one another! Last night's gear runs were fun, and I can't wait for the event tonight!

Sadly, I am going to have to slow down the recruitment juuuust a tad because I'm getting a little over whelmed. If I have missed your application, I want to personally say that I am sorry and if you send me a little in-game mail I will get with you ASAP.
Bumping this thing to the top. All the newbloods! They feed us well. Not really. We dont bite. Except if you are an Orc, then some of us may eat you!
I am so glad I finally decided to scroll through the forums. Can't believe the Shadowhoof Tribe is back! So glad to see you back, Kurshaw! ~Hrunn
What's up dude?! :D Yep, the Shadowhoof are bringing tauren back! Woo!

Also a little shout out to the members for last night's skype call. This guild really does feel like a close family. <3 So much love!

Edit: To those of you who it'll matter, I found my cat after 3 months of him missing!! Excuse me while I go off and cry whale tears of joy.
Nothing much! Looking forward to seeing you guys around! We should get back in touch!!!
Ankah'nahe quietly surveyed the hills below her, her tail twitched as the familiar sound of small pawsteps reached her ears. The Druidess turned her head to the slightly smaller white lioness that came to sit beside her, Ankah'nahe bowed her head as the two lionesses exchanged words before the smaller cat disappeared and Ankah disappeared into the trees below.


((*waves* Bump.))
Edit: To those of you who it'll matter, I found my cat after 3 months of him missing!! Excuse me while I go off and cry whale tears of joy.

Yay for finding lost kitties!

Hail Shadowhoof. I, am Lost... I seem to have forgotten where I last set up camp.
Tahnee sat at the edge of a cliff near the Shadowhoof village and looked out into Feralas in silence. The end of her former master's stave was rooted into the ground, as she held it tightly against her chest. The veins in her hands glowing a dim green.

Her ears twitched as she listened to the cleansing ritual nearby and the familiar whispers of the trees.


03/01/2013 07:00 PMPosted by Wachiwii
Bumping this thing to the top. All the newbloods! They feed us well. Not really. We dont bite. Except if you are an Orc, then some of us may eat you!

Don't worry newbies! If Chewie eats you, i'll pull you out of his stomach and toss him off a cliff. ^_^
Haha, I love you guys.

Alrighty, so! Bad news guys, I have run out of game time! This means that by March 11th ((I know right?! Off all the days...)) I will be out of the game as far as paid subs are concerned. I will do my best to try and play on my free accounts, but as we know they are fickle and a pain in the butt.

DON'T PANIC! - I will be back. I don't have the money to pay immediately when my sub runs out, but I will have enough in a few days after to get another time card. I am not leaving you for good. I promise. <3

Earthmother protect the Shadowhoof. I love you guys!
Thank you for having me both as a member of the shadowhoof and as a guest at that gathering. I look forward to moo'ing with all of you soon, and perhaps on my druid.

Ancestors watch over us.
Azriell watched from the back of her great drake Unule as the Shadowhoof camp bustled in preparation for the MoonDance. She grinned to herself and let out a wild yell, catching the attention of a few Shadowhoof. She raised a hand in greeting then pushed her drake upwards. He burst through the canopy of leaves, giving a roar of delight and the two raced back to the Windsong camp.


Seriously though... We need to start using the in game calendar more... ~coughs~

BUMPS for all my Shadowhoof Moo's!
Ankah'nahe slowly wove her way through the cliffs lining the Feralas border; she didn't really seem to have much of a mission as she turned a leaf beneath her paw and sniffed it. The Druid growled with delight before sprinting forward and disappearing into the trees around her.

Az! *tries to catch*

Hello, fellow cowbies! And no worries, Kurshaw, we'll see you back soon!
The matriarch moved through the forest giving reason behind her tribe's namesake. She stalked a little lioness moving through the undergrowth with a feral smirk. The lion in her ached to leap out and pounce the unsuspecting female, but the Chieftess simply watched her move a leaf before dashing off.

Kurshaw felt the thrill of the chase hit her, and she ran as fast as her hooves could carry her. Dodging trees and fallen branches, leaping over rocks and avoiding mud slicks, she could feel the forest move and guide her steps. She was a huntress, regardless of form. She was what lurked in the shadows.


You will see me back soon! I got a sizable bonus coming to me this month.

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