Calling out Badges

50k gold to you if you stream playing 10 games of 5v5 at 2200 and win at least 6 of them.

You claim to be the best. I'm willing to bet gold you can't prove it.
ive proven it time and time again

i dont need ur money im rich #hundredmillionswag
You've been sitting on your rating since the MMR exploits. #exploiterofbarthilasbadges
all da exploiters got banned and teams reset


best ele shaman in the world
If this guy had a clue he'd realise all the exploiter teams got reset

Badges team is still there

What does that tell you
If he's so good, why won't he prove it on stream?
its on my twitter m8

Why are 1400s noobs calling out the best elemental shaman in the world?

Also all the exploiters got reset to 0.
To be fair it's completely reasonable to think Blizzard may have missed a handful of exploiters. Not saying you guys did, but it's always a possibility.
they havent got da rbg exploiters yet

lets hope they do

theres like 100 of em on barth ~
Jogimux higher rated than me in Arena, obvs cause I have 0 teams, but he's clearly a vastly superior player to me.

But really, how do you go more losses than wins to 1400?
I never once said your team exploited. I said you haven't been playing since the post of the exploiters of Barthilas and when the teams got banned. I just wanna see some high level PVP, but you guys won't even queue, and get all defensive.
It's already explained multiple times why queueing is pointless though. Are you simple?
Also Kera, I only played 9% of the total games for that 3s team. D=

Haha woops. Forgot I wrote that :p
Arena is in the worst state it's been since s5

Why would anyone want to queue after t2 weaps atm
Mate gotta queue to potentially go 9-1 thanks to an Australian internet based DC and finish 10+ rating lower than you started.

~good system~
~MoP pvp~

Edit: for 50k gold 10k each, for 2 hours of your time.
sry dont hav time 2 queue im a very busy man ~

havent even got conq points for da last 2 weeks

dont need em

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