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This question that I have includes a bit about the end of the Klaxxi storyline so if you haven't gotten there yet and don't want to find out I just wanted to warn you before I start.

So yesterday I had just finished grinding klaxxi to exalted, and finished the quests, the last quest where the wind-striker is walking and talking to you about the mantid's history had me thinking. He has said that his race was before the titans, which is fair enough I can see that happening but when he said our gods are not our gods and when their powerful being wakes up the mantid will follow him and so will our wisest member.

Now he did on say wisest so I didn't know if it was a threat saying it would be wise not to join them or literally if a wise member of the horde or alliance joined them in what seems to be a mantid uprising against the azeroth.

Tie this in with everything else thats happening at the moment and its making me wonder where all this is heading and who this wise person could be, to begin with I thought is thrall going to turn his back on everyone and join the mantid but I also thought there might be wiser members on both sides.

In the end I just wanted to hear your thoughts on what might unfold with all this tension basically everywhere and who this wise character might be. I apologise if my thoughts aren't conveyed properly, its really early here and trying to write this before work I'm sure you know what its like =p
Pretty sure he said "wisest" like in the plural sense. What I got from that quote was that there's more to the Titans/Old Gods conflict than meets the eye, and the Klaxxi, being around to actually witness it know something about the two sides that would perhaps lend a reason as to why we would side against the Titans instead of against the Old Gods.

On the other hand, it could just be the usual Twilight's Hammer-esque spiel where they say that as propaganda to make people join, the Old Gods are still evil and Titans pure good, and Blizzard will completely forget about the whole thing.

I'm hoping it's the former.
Why would one trust these bugs is beyond me. I consider them temporarily friends. Should they go back to the Old Gods....they'll be destroyed under Alliance might.
I kinda hope blizzard doesn't forget it because it is lovely foreshadowing and could lead to so many more twists etc but the more I think about it the more you seem right, they are the first mortal race we have met who provides a decent example of another side to this story. I'm kind of intrigued now because I maybe their ally for now, an honourary paragon etc but the Klaxxi aren't exactly the most loyal of races towards any but their own and well even then.

I just want to see how this plays out now, as for trusting them, most of them I wouldn't because to be frank most still want to kill me but this one has always given a sense of growing admiration so I trust his forewarning.
The titans bring order, the old gods chaos. The choice seems easy at first glance, but life is chaos and death is order. Sargeras and the burning legion's stated purpose is the bring order to the universe by killing all life. The robot titans might very well see us as an enemy to their "order".

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