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I'm on Windows 7. I tried literally everything I was told on the support forums, but nothing was working. However, I found an interesting fix.

I had the file "wow-0-16309-Win-final.MPQ" that I kept deleting and redownloading in hopes that it would fix my launcher problems, but it didn't. My sister, however, was able to log into WoW for the past five hours and I wasn't sure why. I asked her to send me her update file through Skype. Evidently, she didn't have "wow-0-16309-Win-final.MPQ"... but "wow-0-16357-Win-final.MPQ". She sent me it and I opened the launcher. After a very, very short patch (only about 3-5 seconds of downloading), I can get into the game now!

I don't know if we're allowed to link downloads on this forum or anything even though I read through the rules, but try this fix if you're having the same launcher-leading-to-launcher issues that I was.

Sadly didn't work for me.
I already have 16357 in the update folder.
Thanks for the try anyway.
I was really hoping this solution would do it for me, since I couldn't get the launcher to download the patch, but sadly, the realms are still showing up red, and the patch version in the lower left corner is still listed as 16309. Having this file in the Updates folder DID stop the launcher from its cyclic relaunching process though!

So.... it's LIKE progress, only not really lol.

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