Say it loud: "I'm Gnome and I'm Proud!"

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I love my little gnomies! ~<3

Keep up the great work, guys. It's cool to see a proper all gnome raiding guild.
"I'm Gnome and I'm Proud."

Well done Forbs! Really wish our guilds were on the same server. Would love to have a large Gnome RP event.

We need to get in touch sometime. And Genome Project is still going on strong. :) <3

Glad to hear it! Keep repping Gnome pride until the glorious revolution spreads to every realm!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
You think we're creepy
We think you're jealous
We're the shortest of the races
We're the least respected
We have the least amount of classes
...yet we still kick some serious butt.

No, you can't punt us. Try typing in "/punt" in-game and see how far that gets you.
No, you can't eat us. You can try...but you will die.
Are we short? No. We're just the right height.
You're too tall to see this.
All we need to do, however, is extend our daggers...
And you'll become our size in no time - howling in pain, all the way down to your knees.

We're gnomes.
We're powerful.
We're strong.
That same massive two-handed mace you are hefting, Mr. Paladin?
Our warriors can wield two of them - one in each hand.

We're not a joke.
We're not your lawn decoration.
We're not your plaything.


We are gnomes.
We are legion.

We will reclaim Gnomeregan!

I am Gnome! Hear me roar!
i've always wanted to make a character in this guild
eww i think i stepped on one .......... <.< >.> o wait nvm it was just gum
01/03/2013 11:51 PMPosted by Charìty
eww i think i stepped on one
Gnomes shall unite, and take over ze world

We are gnomes.
We are legion.

\o/ Hooray for gnomes!
Whenever someone tells me GRATS, I like to make a little speech, and thank all the little people, you know, the gnomes. They rock!
I'm a gnome and I'm proud!

Totally getting the Gnomeregan crest tatted on me at some point.

Most likely after the Alliance one, because I can't neglect my country.
If they make Gnome Hunters, Im faction changeing.

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