New Hunter pet! Maggot

as of patch 5.1 a new pet snuck in under our noses, if you ever wanted an oversized maggot worm pet ripping the limbs off your enemies this pet is for you.

in Dread wastes, in the south east, under the lake of stars there are 3 beast npcs, Needleback porcupine, Bonedust moth, and Bluehide mushan, the mantid have infected them and they will vomit out a maggot called an amber parasite, this beats is infact tameable.

stop your attacks, swap to the maggot, tame beast, done, after the tame your maggot may randomly die, revive and it will not happen again, enjoy it while it lasts!

NOTE: Beast mastery is required as this is classed as a worm.
Very cool, thanks for the heads up.
np man:)

tested a few worms in the plague lands, they are not tameable and aren't even classified as worms, don't even have a diet.
Chibee 2.0? Let's hope he isn't ripped from under us in the next patch.
I can confirm this! Just tamed one on Echo Isles. He's HUGE! As big as Chibee. He's huge and obnoxious and disgusting and I named mine Burchard :3

Edit: His Burrow animation is broken, he just kind of sits there wiggling. It's adorable.
Mines named Lumps>_>
Don't post about this; they might fix it.
Quick delete the main post, and only leave your Real ID, if they want to know whisper you in game!

12/11/2012 01:02 PMPosted by Melhunt
Don't post about this; they might fix it.

Seriously. I almost posted and shared the joy... then thought, I better not in case Blizz realizes they need to "fix" the bug.

So I just run around with mine out all the time and answer whispers from fellow hunters :-)
<3 it. Thanks :3
This is .... awesome. I love things like this. Hoping they never fix easter eggs like this one.
<3 Finally, blizzard had a good bug.
<3 Finally, blizzard had a good bug.

2 Good buggs, Chibee was a good oone
no longer tameable
Possibly server dependent, worked on Stormreaver ~45 mins ago.
Sorry to bump this, but I wanted to post a fun fact I discovered.

This pet uses the Mr. Grubbs flipping animation for when he gets knocked back. I discovered this when doing the Golden Lotus daily where the Shado Pan dudes throw fireworks at you. Watching this giant maggot constantly doing frontflips made me laugh for like twenty minutes.

EDIT: Proof! :3
Thanks! This is a very interesting looking pet.
I got mine yesterday :) it is epic, just hope blizzard let me have fun with it for a while before they fix the size, combined with bestial wrath on BGs is just so much win

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