Any Shin Megami Tensai fans out there?

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Any fans lurking around on the forums today?

The series is awesome, that I have no doubt of. But, which is your favorite out of the Series? Digital Devil Saga? Persona 2? 3? If so, why?

Also, what's this rumor on the wind of Persona 5? Has there been any new news of that lately or are the creators just hanging it above our heads for now?

My persona favorites (But only because I never got a chance to play the others) have to be Persona 3 and 4. I also enjoyed Digital Devil Saga when I found a used copy at gamestop a few years back.

The storylines are awesome, graphics? Heck yes. :D I love the voice acting too, plus the games seem to be the perfect length: Not too short but not to long if you go for 100%.
Shin Megami Tensei is one of the best sagas of all time, a perfect example of why quality always need to be superior to merchandising (something the other 2 big japanese sagas, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, are suffering a lot in these days, with poor desing and inmersion, and a lot of hype, nothing more). The mature storylines, the concept and philosophy in each game, waaaa everything xDD
Remember, Persona and Digital Devil Saga are not considered part in the Shin Megami Tensei saga, they're only spin off (outside Japan, u can see the label SMT in each game, but inside Japan, they're not).

Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha, the main saga (SMT2 and 3 totally recomended), Persona, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Devil Children, a lot of games!! a lot of masterpieces!!

Greetings from Argentina to all the SMT fans :3
Soul Hackers? 0.0 I don't think I tried that one yet.

Must look up information! -dashes off-

Enjoy :3

I also recomend u to play Persona 2, is the best of the entire saga so far!!
Waiting the Persona 3 movie tho *-*
You won't find too many SMT fans, and I mean the original series (Persona and DDS are considered spinoffs), mostly because the only official SMT game we have translated here is Nocturne. The next SMT game will sadly be on the 3DS, not too sure on my feelings on that. My sister loves Nocturne, but I've always preferred the Persona series over it.

My first one played was Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for the PSX. I took a peak at it, thought it was interesting, and loved it ever since. My favorite would have to be Persona 4, because it took everything good about P3 and fixed everything that was bad about P3. Digital Devil Saga gets second, because of it's mind-playing story. >.>

Atlus is like the Squaresoft SNES days of this generation, most games I pick up by them are really good.

Persona 5 is definitely in the works, but no one knows what system it'll be on, it's assumed the PS3, but no word yet.

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