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As the title states - I'm scouting the EST/CST for an RP guild that plays mid-mornings/early afternoons. I am currently on WRA with my husband, but it is next to impossible to find any guilds active during our play times because most players on that realm are PST. Stuff doesn't even begin to happen until rather late at night. Since we are on a 2nd shift schedule, we miss everything :/ and this is very frustrating, since it makes it extremely hard to join in RP or make friends on the server.

We have 2 mid-level Horde characters (66ish Orc and Forsaken) that we would really like to find an RP guild for and are willing to realm-jump should we find a guild that suits our needs.

What we are looking for is an active, friendly and mature (not ERP-based! just mature as in low drama and good sense of humor!) RP guild. Preferably not of a military or race-restrictive angle. Our characters are laid-back mercenary types who fall neither into the all-out-evil, nor good-guys. They are pretty gray morally. My Forsaken has a very odd sense of humor, but it's not as grim as many other Forsaken. My husband's orc is...well, an orc. A bit of a temper but loyal and determined. Neither of us play our characters as "special snowflakes". They are pretty ordinary in their skills and talents.

We are not hardcore in our play style, due to a semi-busy RL schedule. We are expecting our first child in Feb. so committing to a strict in-game schedule or raid calendar just isn't something we can do. However, we are low drama, love both IC and OOC humor and are experienced RPers that have been playing WoW since release.

If anyone can suggest some guilds or RP connections on this server that we can check out before making the jump, it would be much appreciated :) we really want to find the right server this time. We went to WRA from a different server on a whim and it just hasn't worked out.
The only ET RP server that I know is mine -- Steamwheedle Cartel -- and the RP is nearly non-existent. Not totally; the guild I am in has an active RP group and there is even some open RP on the Alliance side. But it's a far, far cry from the RP immersion that you find on the west coast servers like Wyrmrest Accord. Sadly.
Well, there are a few EST RP servers, and a few CST as well. I'm just not sure which one we should be serious about checking out, since I know many of the RP servers have hit a major slump in the RP department over the years. We are specifically avoiding any Pacific time servers though, just because we'll run into the same trouble we have on WRA
Well, as I said, on SWC, my guild has a very active RP group, which has weekly tavern nights and the whole shebang. I think it may be one of the only Horde-side guilds which is RP-active, though. The server itself isn't at all unfriendly to RP, just very small and quiet. if you'd like to check us out.
Earthen Ring is on EST (as is Argent Dawn and Ravenholdt). You can check out our RP community at:

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