Area 52

Area 52
Hello Area 52.
Yes, it's another one of these posts.
Let's be honest with each other for a moment here. It feels more and more like the vast majority of the WoW servers are barren wastelands of what used to be a sprawling metropolis.

So I have to ask. Is this server alive and well on the Horde end of things?
Area 52 is sprawling where Horde is concerned. With that being said, I must inform you that seeing an Alliance player is about as rare as catching a Galleon spawn without camping.
Thanks for the reply.

This guy was retired back in vanilla and I moved to the alliance faction and reaped untold rewards due to paladin buffs at the time.
Became heavily invested and stayed alliance through BC forward but now looking to return to my roots to maybe make this game at least slightly interesting once again.
It's sad to see realms, or even factions, becoming so underpopulated. It can certainly make returning to the game difficult for some people, even forcing them to server/faction transfer and furthering the disparity.
There are pros and cons to the unbalance of some realms, however some players, such as myself, prefer this. That's why I'm on Area 52. More people on this realm gives us more options in terms of PVP and PVE content, economy, making friends, etc. It's like living in a metroplex instead of a barren wasteland such as, oh I don't know...West Texas?

But to answer your question, yes, the realm is very populated in favor of the Horde. The only Alliance you will ever see are the ones that trickle over from Azuremyst, Icecrown, and the likes. This comes in handy during holiday events when members of the opposite faction are necessary for achivements.
It was strange to log in to my alliance characters after Cataclysm had come and gone, if I recall, Ironforge was completely empty. This is not altogether surprising considering Stormwind was the new hub, but strange nonetheless.

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