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UI and Macro
Hello all, wondering if anyone has a macro (I did search, perhaps I missed it) of a 1 button pet cast special ability macro, that will use the special ability of the warlock pet that's currently summoned.

If you keep your pet's special ability on the same button for all pets, you can use /click ButtonName in a macro to click that button. Use /fstack and mouseover the button to get its name.

Otherwise you can use the [pet:Pet Type] conditional:/use [pet:Felguard]Felstorm;[pet:Felhunter]Devour Magic;[pet:Imp]Singe Magic

You can extend that for the other pets.

You can also use the spell "Command Demon" which "Commands your demon to perform its most powerful ability. This spell will transform based on your active pet. "

On my warlock, I have this spell on my bar to make quick use of those powers.

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