New to raiding and exasperated

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12/10/2012 06:50 PMPosted by Zakigga
Gear going to other guildies is just as good as gear going to me, as it'll boost their DPS.

I wish everyone felt the same way about gear :(

Seriously though Zak hit the nail on the head, figure out what you want from a guild, set some goals and make sure they align with whatever guild you are joining and be realistic eg: don't expect to do hard modes with a guild that has never even cleared a normal mode raid while relevant.
Wow, thanks for the feedback, everyone. Talked to my raid leader tonight, and everything worked out well, even though I quit the raid. I think instead of finding another raiding guild, I'm going to stay in this one, level some alts, play other games, spend more time with my wife, etc... I think maybe I'll learn to tank. Thanks for helping me think things out.
12/10/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Marketh
but our constant failure and lack of progression are starting to get to me

It's your play time.

My guild is on the same progression point (though I was out sick last week when they decided to return to Elegon after a couple weeks of doing 4/6 and then working on HoF, and got Elegon down). But that's fine for me. I raid with them because I enjoy their company. I've raided with some of these players as far back as Karazhan, and with most of them since Naxx. They've even accepted my recent move from being a very good tank to leaving that tank hanging out in Halfhill while I learn to be a decent healer on this toon.

I don't raid for loot. Loot is a tool to help you on the progression ladder, but it's not the end goal.

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