GDKP Is a gold for loot 25 man raid. All gold at the end of the run is spilt 25 ways.
When: Sat Dec 15th 5:30pm-9:30pm PST Must stay for whole raid to get your gold at the end.
Leaders: Shoeshiner from nemesis and Mass from Crisp.
Gear lvl must be 465+ Unless other wise ok by leaders.
Must know all fights at least in LFR. you will be removed if you are making us wipe.

We run this GDKP every teir from WOLK til mid way though DS always alot of fun and good way to make gold or get the gear you want on your alts. feel free to whisper one of us in game or sign on up the fourms
Fun times! PST in game for details/logistics.

Knowledge of fights is a must! No carries!
I demand you make horde toons, and allow me to do this as well. I HAVE SPOKEN!

This could be fun :)
Do this on horde.
Double agent achievements.

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