Ranger; Idea, Spec, Class, Possibility?

First off I just want to say this is a mere idea that popped into my head and I have no intention of it ever being implemented unless Blizz would be oh so kind.

I just want to hear peoples ideas on how the Ranger could be added since rangers are badass.

I was thinking it could be a combination of Marksman and Survival but also branches into strategy, socialization, stealthiness, etc.

Do you guys have any ideas for it?

Could it be an entirely new class on its own? Or could the Hunter be changed to a ranger?

Any ideas??

If it were made into its own class (separate from hunter), it'd be limited to most likely night elves, worgen, blood elves, and undead.

Those seem to be some-what fitting races however I am only going off quick speculation.

The class would be less focused on traps, but more on the subject of strong powerful aim-to-kill based combat. They would have a decent amount of minor impairments which then make the enemy vulnerable to a large variety devastating finishers.

Rangers imo would not be allowed to have pets. They get bonus reputation as well as negative; in most portrayals Rangers are respected but feared as well. They are very mysterious.
The ranger class would also have aspects of melee. Perhaps a few quick, agile swipes of a blade, but also used as deflection.

As for armor they'd use leather, or possible only mail on 3 or 4 slots. Rangers could be very agile and quick, not wanting anything to weigh them down too much.

One issue I've seen is the aspect of stealth. Give them that and rogues are weak....so rogues might have to undergo some changes.

Which brings me semi-offtopic: Can we have NPCs react to your actions and just overall appeal? Can a paladin be default and suspect to heroism, and bravery will Warlocks are treated as outcasts? I want more emotion and realism tied into my character.
I have thought about a possible "archer" or "ranger" class before. After coming to the conclusion that it would just dilute the current hunter class which is suppose to be a unique bow carrying class.

If there was a ranger class, what possibly could make it different:
1. Ability to stealth and walk as fast as rogues (currently hunter stealth glyph makes them walk like a slug)
2. Incorporate more elemental shots, right now hunters are limited to arcane and nature damage mostly. Let rangers have frozen shots that perhaps do instant damage plus an ice block for 3 sec or something. Integrate fire, frost, nature, arcane, and other magical arrowed casting shots. Basically the archer is almost like a mage.
3. More casting shots, make him not have a pet. Speed increases also.
4. Allow them to wear up to Leather only.

Hunters would change:
1. Have the hunter be able to melee. Of course he usually primarily will use a bow to kite enemies but allow him to switch to double swords or an axe MID COMBAT.
2. Pet damage increases

The problem with the idea mostly IMO is that you dilute the talent tree. Now that theres two similar classes, what would the three specs be for each? Whats the point of a MM hunter when you have a ranger who's whole class revolves around shooting and pew pew enemies. The two classes would have to be extremely different.
Back in the day, I made a Ranger spec. This was when you could put points into talents and dual spec wasnt around.It was a 21-17-23. You were a jack of all trades , master of none. It had intimidation, readiness, entrapment, scatter shot etc. Extremely, high utility but of course no one wanted you for arenas or raiding lol. It was fun though and had a lot of flexibility.
^that sounds great
I think that if the Ranger became a spec, it would combine survival and marksman. This way there are two major separations, which might work.

As its own class that'd be difficult, but with some creativity very doable.

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