The terrible truth (bugged)

Bug Report
I know there is probably another thread about this but this quest is bugged and I can't turn it in ): sorry if you guys have to read about this again lol.
I am having the same issue
there have been a lot of reports of this, relogging seems to fix it.
Necroing this to say that the bug still exists. After completing the conditions of "The Terrible Truth" (defeating the Dread Shadow), a yellow question mark appears in the cave but can't be interacted with.

I assumed that the question mark was applicable to a surface location, since I had earlier found in the same caves a yellow exclamation mark for the Grummle's yak replacement quest, which I knew to be on the surface.

After leaving the caves and finding nothing on the surface at the location of the question mark, I went looking and found that the mini-map was directing me to return to the Shado-Pan base; however, Tai Ho can no longer be found at that location.

I then found in a comment on Wowhead ( that logging out and relogging would solve the problem. Apparently I could have logged out while still in the cave, but I hadn't known about this and so had to travel back through the cave after relogging.
Well, 7/26/15, just did that quest with my alt Warlock. Same issue. Not fixed with logging out and in. I figure I’ll wait for a server reboot, then see if it it cleans up the situation. Question mark seems to be focused on Provisioner Bamfu. But Bamfu has instead an exclamation point. Taking a quest with Bamfu, I thought maybe the glitch would fix itself, but after completing that quest, I got the question mark for the quest I took, but not for terrible truth. So I’ll wait a bit. Can always revisit later and try again.
Just did this one on my SP, and had the same issue - completed the quest but nowhere to turn it in. Logged out, and when I relogged traveled back down into the cave (like someone said earlier, could've probably logged out in the cave but didn't know about the bug) and the quest turn-in was there. Didn't see the ? on the surface when I flew over, but he was there in the cave when I got there.
OK, just found the turn in at the bottom of the cave.

I started this quest several days ago, but could never find the turn in. I had checked the cave originally, but nothing was there. I looked at the map & it pointed out where the yak replacement quest starts & finishes; but nothing was there. Another time the turn in location was directing me to the Shado-Pan Garrison but nothing was found there.

Today after I shut down the computer for the night, I restarted it to play a little more. I went back to the garrison, & couldn't find anything. Then I flew by the Temple where the quest started, & didn't see anything. I flew to the yak guy' location (he wasn't there), & nothing. I finally flew to the cave, went down the bottom level; & it was there where I found the turn in.

Man there are a lot of bugs with the Pandara still around, even after how long it's been released.
Still have the same issue! Logged in and out 10 times nothing :( even teled around nothing, #blizzardplease

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