a suggestion for daily quests

for future or update to current daily quests, i think it would be better if the factions were spec or class specific with the gear they offer. lets say that golden lotus was for dps casters. all the gear that would be bought with justice or valor points would be unlocked at appropriate rep levels for golden lotus. so that class or spec would not get burnt out on so many dailies. lets say melee dps would do klaxxi daily quests for there gear. but, if you wanted to do the other faction dailies for gold or just for the experience of the quest, you could. once you got to exalted you'd be able to buy the mount or tabard for that faction no matter if you were not that spec or class. for a player like me who has a toon for each class, i hate to do any daily quest more than once a day. just a thought. hope i make sense here. thx.

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