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Area 52
I have just recently moved to Area 52, I'm extremely active, and I am looking to start a Guild. The Guild (Anima of the Phoenix) will be social/leveling based for now until it is a higher level. We still have not determined what the guild's focus will be at higher levels. For now, the guild is open to all levels and members of varying experience. Regardless of what game content the guild may favor in the future (i.e. raiding, PvE, PvP, etc.) my goal is to create a guild where members can join and experience WoW in a positive way. No matter the direction the guild takes, my primary motive is a friendly and productive atmosphere. However, I need as much as I can get to reach that goal.

The purpose of this post is to look for Officers. Arguably, the hardest part about a guild is getting the ball rolling. I am primarily interested in active, motivated individuals to help me run the guild, Experience with leadership in past is a plus, but it is not a requirement. IN the beginning phases of the guild, Officers will help to bring in new members while also promoting the guild's growth through participation in guild group dungeons and even raids. Also, officers are more than welcome to interject ideas and help us evolve the guild as we transition to a higher level guild.

As it stands, there are 5 of us in the guild; 3 leaders. We use ventrilo and are online just about every night. We've been playing WoW for about 4 years now and I can definitely say my fellow leaders are knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced.

We need members, but moreover, we need Officers to help us get this guild of the ground. Based on the information I have presented, if you feel that Anima of the Phoenix is for you and would like to help run a guild, please message me in game on Taetim or just reply to this post. I am usually on during the day, and in the evenings after 9pm EST. There is no pressure to maintain officer status. Do what you can and if you do not want to continue your status as an officer. You may step down without any consequences at any time.

Thank you! And I hope to hear from you soon. :D
In-game Name: Taetim
Guild: Anima of the Phoenix

((I will check on this post if to see if any questions need to be addressed. I am easily reached in-game though))

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