Dissapointed at Pandaren Campaign

So i started the pandaren campaign excited thinking: "Oh yeah i'm going to see tons of allies and hordes beating the crap out of each other while doing the dailies".

I was so wrong...

All there was was a bunch of geared allies ganking around 2-3 not geared hordes doing their dailies (i've got no problem with this it's a pvp server after all).

So i asked at general chat what was going on and all i got was "LOL WHY DO MORE DAILIES VALOR GEAR NO GOOD ANYMORE LOL BLIZZ FAIL".
Should've been here during the beginning when everyone was still pretty under geared, it was the calm before the storm basically lol. Now we are in the middle of the storm and I'm loving it, even the getting ganked part xD! Don't travel too far without pvp gear guys! It's Pandahmonium! <<Pun extremely intended >:D!
12/10/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Kyo
You made me hungry! I hope your happy!

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