[A]Experienced Healer LF Home

Hello, Ive recently came back to wow to enjoy Mists. I transfered here to join up with a guild i used to be in during wrath and they had a real negative approach to my style of play and other things once i returned. So instead of riding their bench and dealing with their BS i removed myself. Im a very experienced raider looking for a guild maybe finishing up normal modes and getting ready to step into Heroics. Tho i would like to help which ever guild i get into push Heroics alittle faster say next tier. I can play enhance very well but havent pulled in the gear for it yet this Expac. I currently play Resto i would like to continue that.I dont mind raiding 10 or 25 man i have done both well over the years. i would prefer to join a guild that raids around 6 server but im flexible.Bassically i will lose out on sleep for work if we are working progression and things are possitive.If your interested or have any qustions for me feel free to contact me in game. Real ID = Fatkid_impissed@yahoo.com Thank you and hope to hear from some of you soon.

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