485i (Blood) 478i (Frost) Looking to Transfer

Area 52
Looking to Transfer to Area 52 (Horde) from Stormrage (Alliance). Any guilds looking for a tank? I am available any day of the week 7PM EST to 12AM EST. Add my Battletag Beleaguer#1263
Hey Beef,

Team Neon is seeking a skilled Tank with a DPS OS for our raid group. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 8:00-12 EST. We're currently 6/6 MSV, and 4/6 HoF, and having only raided together for a few weeks we foresee this increasing rapidly. Many of our raiders also have experience on other bosses this tier, both on normal and heroic modes. Please add my battletag - landy#1557 and we can chat more or message anyone in our guild if you have any questions.

Lawl, hello Beef!

Used to raid with this guy on Stormrage, so I'll vouch for him, he's got a good head on his shoulders. Although he can be a bit random at times :o
Hey Beefaronie,

Juggernauts is looking for a tank. A DK tank would workout awesome with the group we have. Our raid times are Sunday and Monday 7-10pm. I will contact you in game about the spot.


Battletag Chief#1665
Hey Beef,
Organized Chaos is looking for a Dk tank with a dps OS. Our tanks have been holding us back. we are replacing them and you would fit perfectly with our raid comp. We raid Tuesday 8-11. Sunday 8-11.
You are needed for our last tank spot on our 10m team. You would be tanking with our Monk.

Add me in game to discuss details. Chefquin#1360

I will also add you to see if you are still looking.

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