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Moon Guard
Akrion: You get extra points for using The Bladefist. On both hands. 9/10 only because I'm just not a fan of the hat. :(
8/10. Eyepatch is a little off.
12/11/2012 09:14 PMPosted by Skullcrusha
8/10. Eyepatch is a little off.
Damn that beast Blighty.
It's all I had to try to keep gore to a minimum and not chase off the ladies.
My fiance and I decided that Ishone you're transmog is the best in the entire thread. I love the creativity and energy you put into it. Very stylish and timeless. Lovin' it!!!

I like. Kinda wish there was more green or some other tertiary color to go with your skin.
10/10 Can tell from that look you know fully how to put Tauren Hookahs to use.
I like your outfit Andry. :3
8/10. That set looks very nice, but the blue on the sword clashes a bit with the rest of the color scheme.
9/10. The set looks lovely, though the boots are slightly mismatching. Only slight though. Otherwise, very nice transmog!
Well put together set. *claps*
8/10 like the set, avoiding the typical DK style but the mask seem to be off.
9/10 I like everything but the scepter.
12/12/2012 09:43 PMPosted by Raistlinn
8/10 like the set, avoiding the typical DK style but the mask seem to be off.

I like the non-set robe. Nice job. 9/10
Getting http://www.wowhead.com/item=21474 for shoulders and http://www.wowhead.com/item=21404 for the weapon. But, other than that, staying like this.
9/10 I like how your tabard fits right in.
Thanks mate. Still looking for shoulders, however. I'll give yours more than likely a 9/10, if not 10. Amazingly well done!
8/10 - Not bad.
i always liked your transmog set, even if it took a million years to figure out.

Not one I commonly see, though I don't care for that mask much. 9/10

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