[Bug] Two people in Brawler's Guild fight

Bug Report
So I headed to the Brawler's Guild and signed up for my first fight of the day, and it immediately teleported me into the ring in the middle of someone else's fight. It spawned my fight (Sanoriak) as well. I'm not sure who the other guy was fighting (it was something like GG Engineering or the leper gnomes, there were multiple little guys running around), but we both had to fight both his and my fights. As soon as we killed his enemies, though, the fight ended and gave us both a win (along with the rep and the bag). My next fight was Ixx, so it gave me credit for Sanoriak. It was hilarious and fun, but I'm guessing it's not working as intended, haha.

Later I saw someone else ported into a fight someone else was doing, but they were ported back out immediately and didn't fight. Also, as a side note, when one of the guys in my buff group was fighting GG Engineering, the gnome spawned inside a wall and just shot the death ray without being able to be attacked. Brawler's Guild seems pretty buggy now, as all this happened in less than half an hour.
This happened to me earlier today, I signed up for a fight as someone else was fighting and was immediatley teleported to the ring while the other match was still in progress.

I vanished and died, not quite sure what happened to the poor person already fighting.
this has happened to me alot along with being teleported in the back out and the boss stays there for about 5 rounds destroying people with lasers, also the eye boss did not become targetable even after killing all his little eye ball minions
Had this happen a few times.

This should honestly be added as a feature after it's fixed. Add a 3-person queue for those that are rank 8 and see if they can defeat 3 bosses at once. It's hilarious trying to dodge C'thun eyebeams, Max Megablast's rockets, and Ixx's Devastating Thrust all at the same time.
This has happened at least four times to me in a the course of the last hour. I was rank 7 in the alliance brawler's guild and was either ported into someone else's fight or someone else was ported into my fight. Apparently temporarily the que system got messed up temporarily. 20 minutes later it was fine.
Bug still not fixed this also happened to me I signed up to do the dreaded hexos fight and was prematurely teleported into the ring ring as someone else died to a wolf (cant remember which fight specifically) at 5%. I killed and I skipped hexos!

Greatest day ever.... Thank you blizzard for your laziness.
This happened to me twice today. First I was fighting Hexos, I died and the fight continued, Hexos was fighting my snake trap and the next player was ported in, me still laying there dead and them fighting a rank 9 paladin boss and Hexos at the same time, of course they died. Then shortly after that a different player who was also fighting that rank 9 paladin boss, he was not dead, but I was prematurely ported in for my Hexos fight, and we both died.

Please fix this, I see no point in me continuing even trying if this bug is there.

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