Feral PvP

hey everyone.

I'm thinking of making a feral druid, for pvp. Considering rogue is sort of fun, just that only damage we do is out of burst. Mages are extremely boring and OP, and ferals look really fun. I want a challenge, considering all classes I played are pretty easy

Hows energy regen for feral? I heard its worse than rogue, but havent looked into it. Burst? Mobility seems amazing, haha. What are some 3v3 comps thats good with feral? I was thinking resto/feral/shadow for a weird comp, dunno any really.

Plus, can they shape out of roots again?

Thanks in advance.

btw, likely going troll.
Feral is fun but I prefer RBG over arena so I've been playing Boom the last couple of weeks.

Energy regen feels a bit lacking to me, and finishers are kinda clunky. Usually your opening will feel good(SR->pounce->ravage->rake->TF if needed->shred->rip) but unless you have TF up the 12 second SR sometimes isn't even enough to get a 5cp rip up. Mobility is very good, shifting breaks all roots/snares, and dash is off the GCD and breaks them also. I'd rather play a rogue, but it's really just a matter of style. As a druid you bring a lot of utility with pred clones/healing touch and NS casts, but your energy regen is quite below that of a rogue, and your single-target control is much less than that of a rogue. Typhoon does have a lot of great uses, and feral burst is absolutely monstrous(berserk+incarnation+NV+trinket).
Since you considered playing a rogue, I assume your goal is to annoy people. Well, friend, you are in for a treat, as nothing is more fun than screwing with people as a feral.

Waiting for the flag in EotS? Hey, that's a nasty drop on either side of you. Maybe I'll stealth, stun you, then typhoon you into the abyss.

You think that flare will help you detect me? I'll displacer beast right over it.

Or maybe I'll just kill you, with a rapid burst of pain, followed by a long, slow, painful bleed that can't be dispelled. While you're bleeding to death, maybe I'll stun you again, or cyclone your healer, or put your pet to sleep. Whatever causes you the biggest pain in the neck. If you try to run, maybe I'll hit you with entangling roots.

I can also summon a pack of wolves, freeze you in a frost nova, hit you with shield break, or bubble and hang around for a while laughing-- if I've got the right symbiosis for the occasion.

Feral has a high skill cap, but it is a total blast.
ferals rly good but just be prepared to bind alot of keys and make alot of macros, my cat has character specific and general macro sections full of druid macros.

You think that flare will help you detect me? I'll displacer beast right over it.
You can do that? haha

Level 8 and already enjoying my class, this is a first
...but if you smash/hit the button multiple times it doesnt get you out?

What do you mean by that? What are you trying to accomplish, I guess would be the better question.
Lets say cat form is on F and i hit f two times it gets me out of cat form or reenters it so if i'm in prowl it takes me out.

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