[Bug] Ally Spirit of Harmony Vendor gone

Bug Report
Today I went to exchange a couple Spirit of Harmonies for some Golden Lotus to make some flasks, I found that the vendor is no longer there.

I suspect the issue is due to phasing after completing the quest with Anduin inside the Shrine of the Seven Stars dealing with the soldiers affected by the Sha.

This is NOT COOL!
I am having the same issue
I am having the same issue... completed a Shieldwall: Offensive quest, and now half of the NPCs in the Shrine aren't appearing...this is a major problem. Can't use Spirits among other things.
Any new's blue's, I would like to use my spirits of harmony's but the vendor is no where to be found. Any assistance would be great just to get me out of phase.
Same thing here. Haven't been able to see the vendor for days.
Also having this issue. Can't see the gear upgrade NPC either.
An answer of some sort would be nice. I also have a ticket open, but I doubt that will produce any result.
I also am having an issue with phasing after the anduin wrynn quest.
Having the same problem. my ticket was answered. they dont have a fix for it yet but they are aware of it.
Yeah I have had the same issue for 3 days. It will probably be fixed in a few weeks until then stockpile your spirits of harmony.
Issue as of today was fixed for me on Grizzly Hills server.

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