Dropping Orbs in BG

I have been doing the weekend BG (Temple of Kotmogu) and SOMEHOW i keep dropping the orb when i have it and i can not for the life of me figure out why?

I know that using Spectral guide makes you drop it but what else that i am using makes me drop it?

Is anyone else having this problem or what?
not sure..i dropped an orb today as well, first time..and i don't have spectral talent.
07/23/2017 01:53 AMPosted by Zptjeoy

Necroboots? :O
Did you enter Dispersion? I think it's one that make you drop orbs
any type of mechanic that makes you undetectable or reduces dmg heavily like cd wise is the reason. not sure on priest besides dispersion.

other classes though like rogues or nelf they can't use shadow meld, evasion, stealth of any form.

hunters can't use turtle shield or feign death

paladins can't Bop and probably can't use that other bubble either.

mages can't use ice block or invisibility

the list goes on.

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