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Searching the forums is not popping up any explanations of what this error is. Please help? The error occurs when attempting to log in just after I enter my password. This happens on my desktop, my laptop logs in and plays fine.
Try restarting your computer and opening the Launcher.

There was a ninja patch today so it could be having issues contacting the patch server.

In fact can you upload a screenshot of it if you get it again ?
I got this error today. Restarting my computer didn't solve the problem.
I have the error right now also
I am also getting this error, and have restarted as well. Does not fix it. Any other help or reasons as to what it is?
^^^^^^^^^^^same as above.
Me too, same error trying to get in the game after the patch

i hope to god i don't have to uninstall/reinstall. seems kind of excessive for a silly ninja patch

EDIT: deleted the WoW.mfil file and started launcher again, no luck still. Man i really don't wanna spend half a day uninstalling/reinstalling and re-configuring my addons and UI over this...common blizz...
me too, i ran the launcher and am at 100% but just get the error #112. It says, on the page that the green link goes to after the fail " These situations should auto-resolve after a very short period of time; just keep trying. We appreciate your patience. If these issues persist more than an hour past the deployment of a launcher patch, try the troubleshooting steps below.
If you are receiving the "Unable to Validate Game Version" error message, it may be due to one of the reasons below:

You are not running the latest version of the World of Warcraft.
You are attempting to log in with an unmerged WoW account.
Your game files have been modified in some way.
The servers are undergoing maintenance.
Review the troubleshooting tips below for assistance with resolving the error.

Merge your World of Warcraft Account to
This error can occur if the World of Warcraft account you are trying to login with has not been merged into a account. After November 11, 2009, players must merge their accounts with a account in order to log in. Once your account is merged, you can log in to World of Warcraft using your registered email address and password.

To create an account, please visit our Account Creation page. For information on merging a WoW account into an existing account, review our Account Merge page.

Run a Virus Scan
It is possible that you may have a virus or program which is modifying files on your computer. Be sure you are launching the game using the Launcher.exe which can be found in your World of Warcraft folder (default location is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft). Additionally, we recommend running virus scans of your system to clean out any malicious programs. Review our Account and Computer Security page for additional tips.

Uninstall and Reinstall
If you continue to receive this error, please fully uninstall and reinstall the game before trying to log onto the game servers again. After uninstalling the game and removing the game directory from the hard drive, reinstall the game and connect to the game server. It should download the latest patch automatically. Once the patch has applied successfully, you should be able to log into the game again without error.
I suppose I could have just given the link, doh
sorry but glad to see i'm not the only one in the "we program for shat at blizz" group
Time to join the angry mob with pitch forks!

Raa Raa we want our WOW!!
same issue virus scan restarting comp reopening blizz launcher nothing works only happened after a forced DL of a patch or hotfix earlier
Same here. Re-installed yesterday because I had just recently moved to a new hard drive and finelly got around to re-installing WoW so its a clean install. Worked fine yesterday. repair did nothing to fix it.
I tried to run the repair, it did nothing
I, too, am getting Error 112. Guess we all just have to wait until Blizzard realizes that their launcher patch is screwed up. Glad I finished that scenario and turned it in before logging out!
I'm not sure what they are doing to fix this, but several of the other error 112 threads have been deleted in the last few minutes.

cover-up anyone?
Was 35 min into a 30 minute queue for Terrace. Blizz likes to do this regularly. :p
Well look at that least im not the only one with the same error message blizzard needs to get there crap together this is a joke im paying for a game that i can't even play!!!!!!

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