WeakAuras using PowerAuras textures

UI and Macro
Ok, so I finally broke down and did what I should have done months ago - started setting up WeakAuras.

I've encountered just one problem so far.

For my combo points, I've long been using PowerAurasMedia/Auras/Aura89 - 93. When I choose an aura, I find that 89-93 have opaque backgrounds, as compared to most of the others which have transparent backgrounds. If I set them to Glow, the entire thing becomes transparent, including the part I would like to have opaque.

Anyway, I know how to edit a tga, that's no problem, but I don't know how to tell WeakAuras to USE the tga. Can someone point me to that bit of info?

According to those pages, you should be able to select the "Texture" display type in the Display tab and then enter the file path in the "texture" field.
Thanks Choonster. Couldn't find more "how to" pages for some reason. Brain dead today I guess.

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