Advice for a new Frost DK for PVP

Death Knight
My serious response is reroll a mage. They just got buffed again.

If you're still here from some reason the answer is 2H frost and don't spam HoB because that will just break all the cc from your teammates and you will lose horribly. Pressure specs like affliction and UH are underrepresented right now because the game is all about RNG burst and cc. If you can't use HoB without breaking a bunch of cc, don't use it. Your best bet is to make focus macros with IT for your procs as there's almost always a bubble or HoT somewhere that can be dispelled. Dks are best at high sustained damage. We have little cc, are middle of the pack in burst (Yes! Burst! Not the RNG crits which are part of sustain, but the pop your trinket go for broke burst. We are middle of the pack. See mages, warriors, paladins, ferals, shamans and hunters for further details.) Dks also suck at helping teammates. We can grip or chain, but chaining will probably just put dots on whatever you are trying to peel if it isn't your kill target and break cc, making you lose. Other than CoI we hve DG, which usually needs to be used to stay on our target, they had to give it a second charge just to make it work in the first place because most classes could just fly across the map the second we used it.
12/10/2012 06:45 PMPosted by Trenk
, I was able to connect pretty reliably because I could cycle in Chains of Ice pretty well.

This is really what needs to be taken into account about 2H. Those chains of ice aren't free. Each time you use one, it'll cost you half of an Oblit.

Here is the real problem with 2H. Every time you want to do anything that isn't Obliterate with your runes, you are impacting your damage negatively. Now this is fine with some comps, sometimes your role will be to sit on a target and blow it up, but if you are required in your comp to O dispel, root, silence, break stealth, keep slows up, shuffle your team across water, or necrotic strike in any real capacity, you might find that you are using your runes too much to deal any burst damage. Also, keep in mind that Pillar of Frost and Soul Reaper also cost Runes. Which means that popping good burst, the kind that kills people, limits the amount of Obliterates you can do.

For that matter, 2H frost suffers greatly from using Death Strike. For DW, it is an adequate source of Survivability and its use sets up your burst rather than eliminating it.

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