Disconnecting after character loads.

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I just reinstalled the game & once I load my character, I can move around and see a couple people who's names show was "Unknown" then I get disconnected. I'm using a Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter & any other info needed I'll require step by step. (Not a computer person)
Happened to me and I was just about to ask, but it seems to be fine now. No idea what it was about
Not mine. This is the reason I left a month ago, I couldn't change specs without being disconnected. I could log on all my Horde characters but the second I tried an Ally toon I was disconnected. I feel I wasted my money once again, though this time it was only $15 & not the expansion included.
Any response?
Okay, new question. Where do I ask for a refund?

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