streaming launcher issue

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my launcher loads a little bit of % at a time then freezes.... something that should only take minutes is taking HOURS and for an unknown reason it will only sometimes tell me one of my mpq's is corrupted and to re download it.... i do so then still the issue continues only it doesnt tell me that a file is corrupted..... i've gone out of my way to delete the usual files "wtf" and "cache" folders since i've been playing long enough to know these are usual ways for us to fix wows problems..... but STILL nothing... if anything it is now TWICE as slow..... i've done no changes to my computer so please... keep the blame to yourself on this one.... ( these issues happen to often and are overly frustrating.... ) THIS was the last day of my subscription...and my last full day to myself. can someone fix this issue please.
awe com'on bump!
i can't even get ahold of tech on the phone.... wtf...
its not even Tuesday
I'm having the same problem.
WELL, this is fun.... a fine way to spend my day off. :/
and my last day of subscription.... I got till 7:45 pm, thanks blizz....
the problem still continued.. i cancelled my remaining subscription anyway... I need a much needed break from this wallet sucking GLITCH spewing game.

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