Hello our Core group is nearly full just need to fill in a couple slots. Our times are monday-thurs nights 7PM - 10PM Mountain Time

We need
1. DK
- Must be able to call targets efficiently, preferably someone with experience calling targets above the 1900 bracket.
1. Warlock
- Must be 1800 min experience, considering anyone above 1600 CR with the appropriate achievements to show experience. Must be able to spin flags, cc targets called, while being competitive with the rest of the groups damage.
- Must be able to play both Destro and Demonology

contact via: Replying to this thread, or add my to skype dead_pool@yahoo.com

** considering other other classes, however higher expectations are in place to be considered **
added you on skype, will be xferring and faction changing soon =D
How about a resto shaman?

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