/target companion pet?

UI and Macro
Has anyone else noticed that you can no longer /target yourpetname anymore?

Neither the companion pet's original name, or the name you've given it. Was there a change in 5.1?
Why do you need to target your pet? You have a pet bar for that...
Companion pets do not have an action bar. "Companion" pets refers to Battle Pets (formerly non-combat pets). You are thinking of Combat Pets (Hunter pets, Warlock Demons, etc...)

12/12/2012 06:35 AMPosted by Appi
Are you trying to use your pet as a target dummy?
That wouldn't work anyway; your pet (companion or otherwise) is a friendly unit, thus not a valid target for any harmful spell. The only reason I can think of to want to target a Companion pet explicitly is to use an RP macro with %t to insert the pet's name.

For example:
/say Just look at my %t, isn't he so precious?

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