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With the recent changes to old-school raids, I've been going around farming pets and transmog gear on several toons. My most recent conquest has been soloing Viscidus as a ret paladin, and since I haven't seen any other posts with strategies, I thought I'd give some pointers to anybody else looking to do the same thing.

I started off enchanting my weapon with Deathfrost, but later learned that the MOP enchant Elemental Force also worked as frost damage for freezing the boss and does way more damage (more damage means getting him to <5% faster, meaning you only have to shatter him once) so I stuck with that. Then you should make sure you have a fast one-hander on standby (I used my healing mace with a speed of 1.9) enchanted with Windsong for the haste proc. Depending on your gear (as you can see I'm mostly greens and low blues) you might have to enchant, gem, and reforge into as much haste as possible, and use a haste elixir and haste food. Finally, I recommend the Holy Avenger talent.

After that setup, just make your way to the boss (all the others on the way are pretty faceroll) and engage. Pop all your CD's except for Holy Avenger to burst him down to as low health as possible before he freezes to minimize shatters. Once you get the second message saying he's freezing up, build up to maximum Holy Power and white damage for a while. As soon has he's frozen solid, switch to your fast one-hander, get behind him, pop Holy Avenger and any haste ability you might have (Alchemy CD, for example) and spam Crusader Strike and Templar's Verdict. He should go down easily.

This same strategy should work perfectly with rogues, warriors, and monks as well. Happy pet farming!
An easy way to freeze him is to pick up Brunnhildar Great Axe Brunnhildar Harpoon or Brunnhildar Bow and apply Frost Oil to it.

Use your normal weapon to get him to 1%, switch to the frost one to freeze, then to your fast weapon for shatter.

Any trinkets that summon melee pets are very useful for the shatter part.
Yep I use the axe on my warrior. Didnt notice frost oil was usable on it. Not that I needed it. Just dps to shatter swap weapon and boom.
Thanks for the input! Although I haven't done any of the Storm Peaks quests on this toon so I think I would have been locked out of that option anyway.
12/12/2012 04:06 AMPosted by Sorvia
Thanks for the input! Although I haven't done any of the Storm Peaks quests on this toon so I think I would have been locked out of that option anyway.

They're white, ie. non-bound, can get anyone to buy you one.
I've read all this and watched several videos and I still can't kill this guy. I have Brunnhildar Harpoon enchanted with Elemental Force and it freezes him in 10sec. After that, I switch to Thunderfury, witch has a 1.28 speed with my gears haste. I run behind him and have tried 2 strats at this point. I've just auto attacked him and have blown Holy Avenger and tried "DPS'ing him down". So, Idk what to do, I freeze him, then it all goes to hell. any suggestions??

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