Constructive criticisim please

I am still trying to improve my over all dps. Any shadow priests that can give me some help please feel free.
What's your current DPS, rotation, etc.?
The sticky at the top will cover most of what you need. If you're looking for specific troubleshooting, you'll have to post logs.
Please include logs uploaded to when you make a post like this. Not sure if you have some recent logs? Check on to see if there are any associated with your character. If there are none, make a WoL account and read the information on how to upload logs. Head into LFR or your guild's raid and obtain data for a WoL parse.

Simply telling use you keep up SW:P and VT up 100% of the time and use MB on CD and for all DI procs may be very far from the truth.

You are missing enchants on a few pieces: Fixing that will be a start, but providing logs from a raid environment would give you the best feedback.

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