Can't launch after today's update

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I'm running OSX and the launcher downloaded a patch today. Now clicking "Play" just relaunches the launcher. I've tried avoiding the launcher by firing up both the 32 and 64-bit version of WoW, but all that does is launch the launcher.

Umm...what are my options? Please don't say, "redownload / install the game." That would suck.
You'll want to check with Technical Support for further assistance. They should be able to help you repair your client to run the game.

Tech Support Forums:

Edit: *wave from CS*
It's not just him I am also at this screen and wow will not open, says update/wow-0-16357-win-final.QPM appers to be corrupt, you may need to redownload the file...
Please help
same thing here, i updated to today's patch, now every time want to launch the game hitting the PLAY button it just loads up the launcher.. No message of corrupt file or anything, just says the game is up to date
Same problem, tried using the repair tool, got stuck on 12.7%
Also tried deleting the blizzard folder, cache, wtf, data cache all that stuff, nothing.

Should I delete the 16309 files from my /data and /updates directories and try again? That's the last patch that succeeded.
bump...same problem here as well
I have the same trouble... Blizzard hates us!
Same here, been trying since 2pm Central, its 5pm now...

EDIT: searched the forums a bit, ended the "Agent.exe" (I think it had 32 after the Agent) process and relaunched the launcher, it works now.
Thanks Fuzzykiller : ) Your faster then Tech Support!
12/10/2012 04:28 PMPosted by Buzzejr
Thanks Fuzzykiller : ) Your faster then Tech Support!

You're welcome. Plus, I do want to work in tech support, I guess I have a good lead lol. Blizz, if you're hiring, hit me up :P
same problem here
why didn't Blizzard wait till the first of the year to update the patch ? I have an old video card just upgraded to M.O.P and now I am losing money because of their wonderful

("we don't care about our customers, patch")

I had no problems except for the occasional Black screens, now i cannot even download the patch, have done all of the above, with no luck what so ever. try looking at this link. it may have a solution.
ty will look :S
Part of the reason for YESTERDAYS patch update now versus next year was to fix issues in the game that would be very noticable over the holidays, when most gamers are going to be playing far more than they did in November, or January.

Doing it this week gives a good week before the bulk of the people unable to play 24/7 can start playing way more often.

Should be interesting to see what new Christmas stuffs were added as well.
Lucylockless: Should be interesting to see what new Christmas stuffs were added as well.

And also interesting to see how many people just up and quit because Checking for updates doesn't work..

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