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Seriously Blizzard.

Fix this unbalanced server! A "full" server that is 90% horde. It's a joke to try and do anything here. And it's been like this since you introduced faction changes.

Or at least give us free server transfers off this hellhole!

This is a playerbase issue not a Blizzard issue. Players are choosing to play Horde over Alliance on your server, Blizzard can't really be blamed for that.
Yes they are to blame. Blizzard should filter the population. Make some kind of balance.

Its like when you go to a night club. The bouncers control the girl to guy ratio so you don't have a freaking sausage fest!
the worst part about this thread is that blackrock isn't even an oceanic server
12/12/2012 02:03 PMPosted by Bananawafer
the worst part about this thread is that blackrock isn't even an oceanic server

Yea Blackrock has always been an 'unoffical' oceanic realm though.
how is blackrock atm? tich has a free character migration and idk if it would be a good idea to move my 90 dk over or not...opinions?
Sorry that your still on Blackrock. This is where I played for 8 years.

This server in-balance was caused by blizzard. Too many softies couldn't handle the PVP on black rock in and bailed. This snow balled as it was in the in thing because PVP #!**%*%%## shutdowns in PVE were impossible. Especially in the last 2 expansions where horde simple block down the questing entrances and spawn camp.

I have the following advice.

- World PVP on PVP servers is never balanced. When it is, the server crashes.
- Seriously give PVE/Normal servers a try. Gets rid of the ganking problem, and there is far more world PVP as it IS BALANCED because people elect to do it.
- Failing that, port to frostmourne, where the bulk of the people that can't handle PVP ran off to , to cover the fact they joined a PVP server, but didn't like being cannon fodder. So now they have joined a PVP server with the inverse balance, so they can make other people feel how they did on blackrock.
actually in BC there was horde favored servers of the servers that opened with BC near BC because the blood elf was the in race to roll.

Coilfang opened when BC opened, and was 75% horde or so for the 2-4 years since BC.

Late 2007 you could not findmore than 49 level 70s on during primetime on alliance. I cornered Mike Morihaime at 2007 Blizzcon right before he went on stage with his band and told him about it he said he would look into it clearly he only said it to get me out of his face :P

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