Stopcasting not working?

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My wife uses stopcasting macros on her Hunter for Arcane Shot, Kill Command, Glaive Toss and Kill Shot.

She uses these because Cobra Shot is now able to be cast while moving. She wants to interrupt Cobra Shot to get off the shots I mentioned above.

But only Kill Command seems to be working.

The macros are as follows

/cast Kill Command (this one works)

/cast Kill Shot (this one works rarely

/cast Glaive Toss (this one has yet to work)

/cast Arcane Shot (This one has yet to work either)

The buttons work (as in the shots go off) AFTER the cobra shot cast finishes, but it does not stop casting Cobra Shot as it should...any ideas?
This has answered in the forums several times.

Hunters need to put /stopcasting twice. One to cancel autoshot and the other to cancel the cast.
don't work

#showtooltip Kill Command
/cast Kill Command

what i am using and can't get it to work.
The double /stopcasting works on my Hunter. When you are testing, bear in mind that Kill Command is on the GCD; consequently, even with the /stopcasting it may not trigger if there is a GCD in progress (such as during the first part of the Cobra Shot cast). When you cancel a spellcast, the game also cancels the relevant CDs, including the GCD. However, inside the run time of a macro, the GCD may not be cancelled in time for the subsequent ability to be used. While testing, I found that the macro:

/cast Arcane Shot

Worked most of the time, but occasionally would fail if I used it immediately after Cobra Shot. If it failed, hitting it a second time worked, so the best advice I can give is to hit the macro twice.
ha yeah i feel dumb, forgot to drag the macro to my bar. all working now

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