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I've always wanted to play a warlock, but simultaneously, I never want to play an ill-willed class. But then I wondered if a warlock has to necessarily be "evil". Could a Warlock possibly only be a warlock to defeat those who wish to harm his people, or the world?

my idea is this (it's very unpolished): The character was a fire mage because he was part of a tribe in the mountains of the Howling Fjord (or Dun Morogh if a human being from a tribe in Northrend is lore-breaking). He was a fire mage because his pagan-esque tribe worshiped fire because it gave them light and warmth in the punishing climate they lived in. His tribe is aconstant victim to nearby threats (scourge, vrykul, what have you) and him being the sole sorcerer amongst a tribe of warriors isn't enough to defend his kin. He starts dabbling in the arcane/shadow magic to learn to contact a demon. He contacts a demon (the kind of demon is undecided) and he makes a deal with it to be granted the powers of the warlocks in exchange for giving the demon refuge on Azeroth. With his new powers, he kept his tribe safe for years until it lay in the path of the scourge, where he was the only survivor. Now he travels to lands far away to ally himself with the Alliance to bring the Scourge to its kneed and to slay anything that wishes ill upon others because his fallen mother's last words were something cliché about never letting this happen to anyone else and to protect the week.

Sorry for a wall of text, but how does that sound? Any plotholes?
The idea that warlocks are inherently "evil" in an of itself is fallacious. Though most warlocks are unpleasant to be around, this is not the defining characteristic of all warlocks.

Warlocks are usually former mages who, due to the ever-present thirst for power that affects all who use magic, turn to the chaotic fel energies found within the Twisting Nether as a weapon. Other warlocks, usually orcs, are former shaman who learned these same magics from demons while serving the Old Horde.

Warlocks do not require a demon to teach them their magic, it is achieved through tapping into the Nether's chaotic energies.

Additionally, warlocks do not actually make "deals" with the demons they command. Warlocks summon them onto Azeroth using summoning circles and an offering, bind them by defeating the demon in combat, and subjugate them via knowledge of the demon's true name - which gives them power over it.

There are a few other plot-holes in the story, though. For one, the Scourge as we know it only existed for about seven years. Though the "Lich King" (Ner'zhul, Arthas, then Bolvar) has existed for twenty-three and swiftly decimated and raised the humans and Nerubians of Northrend, he only did so roughly a decade ago from Mists of Pandaria.

The plotholes in that depend entirely on how old the character is. The vrykul, however, are the real problem in the story as they were awakened by the Scourge shortly after the Lich King's reawakening (Wrath of the Lich King, about 2 years ago by Mists of Pandaria).

By the time the vrykul awakened, the Scourge had destroyed most of the human settlers of Northrend save the few humans of Grizzly Hills who would either join the Alliance or turn into the Scourge's worgen.

Last part - the tribal human thing itself is lore-breaking. Even the humans who lived in Northrend were fairly advanced hunting tribes who utilized firearms as their primary weapons. Though humans had more tribal roots, they lost them between their unification under Arathor and the time Arathor split into seven kingdoms: Stormwind, Lordaeron, Dalaran, Gilneas, Stromgarde, Kul Tiras, and Alterac.

Besides, fire magic is not something primitive humans could use unless it were through shamanism (which primitive humans - the vrykul - are known to have used).

Arcane magic, such as that used by a fire mage, is achieved through rigorous study and mathematical manipulations of the physical world through arcane power. The human race only learned to use magic due to the high elves sharing it with them - which is part of why Dalaran was founded.

However, the basic concept for a warlock who chooses to use his or her powers to protect Azeroth is not only solid, it is actually the reason warlocks are allowed to exist at all - because their knowledge of demons and their powerful magic are a boon to their respective factions and, potentially, to Azeroth as a whole. The risk lies in the warlock's endless thirst for power leading to corruption.
Thanks for the really detailed response! I may have him be a former shaman rather than former mage, makes more sense haha. And I guess I'll work those plotholes out :D
Fel magic corrupts, but the wielder is not required to be evil, or to use it only for evil deeds.

You could have a 'fight fire with fire' approach to the Legion, for example. Or simply be a researcher of demon lore who picked up some things along the way.

You don't have to be the generic mage who found a quicker route to power. And you don't have to be a villain either. It could make for an interesting character if you can think of a reason why the character would continue to wield fel magic despite knowing of it's insidious and corrupting nature - with their integrity intact.
Amorene basically covered it. I just have a few questions for you now. What made you think that RPing a Human in a Tribal society would ever be acceptable, how, as a Roleplayer or one interested in the Warcraft Plotline did you not know of the Scourge's timeline/creation. And how did you not just go to Wowpedia for the information you lacked? Seriously, the Forums are not your sole source of information and you really should have done some sort of research before posting your lore shattering story on the forums.

I implore you to know your lore. And if you are too lazy to research to make a believable character, don't roleplay.
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