[A] Tàntalus 10m Recruiting

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<Tàntalus> is recruiting for 10 man raiding. Tues/Wed 5-8p server (8-11p EST). One of the few guilds that has a friendly East-Coast friendly schedule.

We are still having attendance issues. So looking for 2 DPS for core raiding spots and possibly another healer. willing to help gear if you can pull the dps and keep up attendance. Other classes & roles may apply.

flasks, food, and gbank repairs are provided during raids. Enchants & gems are acquired with gbank contribution activity and performance. If you think we're a good fit for your casual gaming, contact either myself, Efari, or Haileybear.

(à=alt 133)
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-originally from scilla

Whoa wait hold on what
its maemae. from Legion<Chaos< WHar lewtz plz HaLP... etc
Oh, I only remember WLPH. At the time I was on Scilla they were probably the closest to challenging Casual for raid progression
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Do you guys have a guild website? I have a ilvl 486 Rogue and 484 HPally that are looking for a casual raiding guild. I'm also in CST so your times are perfect for me.
sry for late response daisey. we do not have a site at the moment. but are struggling to get the consistent 10 man to make great attendance. so we are considering all classes and specs still.
Dude KJ forums are awesome!
bump. still having trouble with attendance for our casual setting
*UPDATE* Any dps that is not a boomkin, hunter, mage, lock, or priest is cool!
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Still looking for a dps! Raiding tomorrow hope to see a new face!

still looking. even if you aren't sure, PM one of us and try us out tomorrow night and see if we can be a fit :)
wtb raiders
to the 1st page!
still looking :(
Oh snap it's Disney!
attendance issues still :(

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