God is our GM - Recruiting

God is our GM is a new hardcore 10m raiding guild on Barthilas.
We raid 6-9(AEST) Wed/Thur/Mon with a Saturday raid as needed. We are a Progression focused group keen on finding likewise players to push content and have a good time doing it. We are currently 6/6msv, 2/6 hof and looking for additional players to push through normal content into hardmodes.

Currently Recruiting:
Rogue, Resto/Ele Sham, Mage

All other applications will be looked over carefully, as we are seeking exceptional players over specific classes.
Apply at http://godisourgm.guildlaunch.com
Pst lazybear,nahim in game or post below for more info etc.
umm im in no dice
and im in god is our gm :P, are you actually looking for a group or just bored if so pst me / apply on site :)

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