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I am currently unable to log into mobile guild chat on my phone. The rest of the apps features seem to be working.

The specific error is a timed out connection.

Edit: I just attempted to download and use the armory app on my iPad. The connection timed out for chat. However, the app never asked for my authentication information... Don't know if that helps.

Edit 2: it's a 3rd gen iPad.
I have an Iphone 3Gs and it too wont let me connect to chat, with a timeout as the popup.
I have an iPhone 4, OS is up to date, app is up to date, I have service and WiFi conection and good signal.
Armory app does not connect. It throws different errors each time. Server not found, server not responding, pw or login incorrect (it is not carefully typed same info I do to log in here and post this comment) and other times it times out.
I can not find who to address this with on Apple site, I understand Blizz did not create or manage this app but if Blizzard is not going to allow it to interface with their programs could they let us know.
Are any of you still having problems connecting to Guild Chat since the realms were restarted today?
My 4s is still timing out.

In the past I seem to recall it asking for my authentication information. It is not doing that.

I just downloaded the app again on my iPad, it too timed out. I realize the app I'm downloading on my iPad is the same one on my phone, I just figured I'd try it. It also didn't ask for my authentication, as far as I can remember my iPad has never been associated with my account as a valid login point.

Edit: I just read Talisine's post, I wanted to add, my phones OS is up to date as is the app itself.
After about 8 server, after it having been working, although buggy, it stopped working again.
I'm having this problem as well, except that I'm using an Asus Nexus 7. Haven't been able to access the chat function (times out) for at least the last 24 hours. I have attempted to log out and back in again as well as fully uninstalling and re-installing the app. Chat still fails to connect.
I have a Galaxy Nexus and also cannot connect to guild chat.
Cannot establish connection to server. Was having this problem last night as well. Galaxy S III
Still down today. Any ETA on when this might be resolved?
Trying to connect from Australia and having constant connection issues from both iPad and GalaxySII. :(.
Getting the same Time out error on both Sony Xperia Arc 2 on 3g and iPod Touch on wireless cable internet. (Also in Australia, not sure that matters though).
We're looking into these connection issues. Just letting you all know that we are also encountering this and we have a team working to resolve this. I do not currently have an ETA.
Galaxy S3 Tried on 4g and WiFi. Latest version 5.2
All I get is "Connection error: Failed to connect to the sever"
I've been getting this myself on both my iPad 2 and iPhone 4GS. Hopefully it can be sorted out soon. I quite like the armory as I travel a lot.

EDIT: Seems to be working now - for me anyway.
Im still having the same connection problem (chat connection error, connection timed out). Seems like an iphone 5 with 5 bars of LTE service could hold a connection.
Same here, i can not get on GChat at all, always getting the Connection Timed Out error msg :(
I'm having issues with guild chat and occasionally just loading any of mobile armory whether it be auctions, guild news or character info. Also, and of course not as large an issue, there are quite a few issues with mobile. Primarily not having any loot tables for mop and not recognizing caged pets as items through mobile auctions.
happening to me too on the motorola XT 615 running Gingerbread 2.3 Can log into the armory and access all features but Gchat. Was working up until a short time ago.
Here is the odd thing. I am trying to connect to my Alliance server (Terokkar) which is getting timeouts on Wifi and LTE/4g/3g (tested all of them)

Now when I connect to Horde Server (Boulderfist) I have 0 issues.

iPhone 5 ios6

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