Patch 5.1.0a not downloading/corrupted

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Anyone having this problem of downloading this patch?
I tried downloading it but it stopped at 85% and so i waited a bit and it came up as "Corrupt and to download it again later."

So i tried closing it and start up it again it says that i can click play but it just brings me back to download and shows what i said above.^
Yes, I am experiencing the same thing.
any fix?
having same problem
Fix. I went to the file on my harddrive that said was corrupted and deleted it.
Restarted the game, update went smooth.
exact same problem. thanks for the corrupted patch blizz.
Hiya, not sure if we have exactly the same problem. But my launcher said wow-0-16357-Win-final.MPQ was corrupted, so I just deleted that file and redownloaded it and it worked finally for me.
Forgot to add in that i opened up my config folder from the WTF file and added SET patchList ""
yep same problem i just made it simplier
i hate that when that appen it piss me off
experiencing exact same problem got to 85% first attempt deleted file tried again got to 91% same problem happened, attempt number 3......
This worked for me

Fix. I went to the file on my harddrive that said was corrupted and deleted it.
Restarted the game, update went smooth.

Thank you! that worked for me. :)
that work for me too !!!!
Stuck at 94.7% twice, it just does not want to DL the last 263KB for me : - (
Nothing has worked for me. I must have tried 10 times by now.
Also had it stuck twice at 263K left to download and watched while my connection rate dropped to nothing, then ultimately fail to patch. Deleting the file AND adding the:

SET patchList ""

to the WTF/Config file is what worked to get the download completed. Tip of the hat to Aleta for that SET line!
That did it thanks Qwizzik.
The line in the config file didn't work for me and it failed to download numerous times. After trying to follow the blue advice in other threads to delete the folder in program data (which failed because there was a program using a file in there even though WoW launcher was closed) I noticed the wow error reporting tool was running in the background looking at the process list in the task manager.

After killing that process (the WoW error reporting tool) and restarting the launcher everything worked fine. I think that process was preventing the launcher from finishing the update, no idea why it was stuck running in the first place.

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