Spriest tips for Mel'jarak

Any tips on maximizing dps on Mel'jarak?

I've been dotting as many of the adds as I can in the first phase but have seen posted that Mind Sear is now preferred. Are there talents that you've used that have worked better on this boss?

I'm on cc duty as well as Mass Dispels but find my dps is horrid until the adds die then starts to ramp back up when I'm on single target again.
With that many adds I would say use Mind Sear and mix in Halo or Divine Star. I'm not sure which of the two does more damage at this point.

Not sure if its also worth it to MB on CD on the "this needs to die first" target and DP at 3 orbs.
Forget multidotting with that many adds, you should just be casting mindsear and halo until only the boss is left, don't bother casting anything else.

The boss gets a 150% damage taken buff when all the adds are dead, so don't bother casting MB or any single target spells on the big guy, I do cast mindbender on cd for mana though.

Take divine star over halo if you can't get into a position to avoid hitting cc'd adds with it.
I had thought the damage taken buff was 99% (33% per add group that dies) and the damage done buff was 150%. Did I read that wrong?
on reg, the boss takes +150% damage with all adds down, on heroic its +600%.

mindsear 24/7 w/ halos when you can. use SW:P when you have to move (to reapply CC). take mindbender and twist of fate. use mindbender on cooldown, except hold mindbender if the last of the adds are almost dead. try to snipe the adds with SW:Death as you're going into the single target phase, as the extra orbs are $$.
on reg, the boss takes +150% damage with all adds down, on heroic its +600%.

He was right. On normal, he does 150% more dmg when all 3 sets are dead and takes 99% more dmg.
Mind Sear the adds.

single target dps the boss.

Whats so hard about that?

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