Hi fellow hunters! I seek your advice =D

So,I love pet collecting (I can tame one more pet) I am looking for something Unique, something most if any hunters uses.

I have my own thoughts on which pets that would be, but I would like your advice / opinions =D

Also...I may be letting go of a few of my Molten Front spiders to make room for more of the new rares =(

The 5.1 link at the top left shows all the new pets that are available.
Don't look for something that's rare, look for something that has cool skills, like Fire Breath or some sort of DoT. I personally love my Dragonhawk, but that's just me. Hope that helps you decide easier :)
personally i like to stable raid buff pets with rare skins of both normal and BM variety.
and 1 PVP pet. i think that leaves me 3 slots for collecting but by then youll have enough cool looking pets that you wont really care about filling up the space
Browse through my pets and you may get an idea or two.

I've been collecting the 9 wolves. :D

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