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I am looking for an addon to check my party members class/spec and output a simple result, showing which hunter pet I should use. For example, if there is no prot warrior, !@# rogue, or druid, it could display "raptor". I have weakauras, and would prefer to use that if possible. If wa can't do it, is there an addon that can?
I'd bet WA could be setup to recommend a pet, it'd just be a long string. It'd also be a pain to test the string since you'd need to form a raid to see if it's outputting correctly.

You'd probably prefer an addon.
what kind of rogue is a !@# rogue?!


I use Raid Checklist:


It doesn't tell you what pet, but gives you a list of buffs and debuffs, what there are and what your raid has. I'm a raid leader that's played a hunter enough to know which pets bring which buffs and debuffs, so it works well for me.

Always bet on Sporebat.

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