Kitty Druids In Need of Help overall

While questing to level from 85 to 90 i noticed one thing in particular, Kitty druids are incredibly under powered and squishy while leveling. Taking on more than 2 mobs of an equal level can result very easily in your death even popping Might of Ursol, Barkskin, and several other CD's and heals.
On the same note, just fighting 1 mob at my level can result in having to stop after the fight to heal myself up, essentially doubling the quest time.
Has anyone else seen this? I know I'm not a great player, but I at least know what I'm doing...
Nope, not at all. I found leveling to be super easy...especially in Feral.

Swipe, Swipe, Tiger's Fury, Swipe, Swipe, Savage Roar, Healing Touch (with Predatory Swiftness proc), Swipe, Swipe, etc.

The only time I would ever have to pop CDs was when I pulled like 20 NPCs.
Do you have an addon set up so that every time predatory swiftness procs you notice it and do an instant healing touch ? You should get between 1 and 3 free heals for every mob you kill. Plus you can go bear and spam frenzied regeneration if you get low.

Also I see you are 90, I am 89, but we have similar gear. The difference is I have 7% hit, you only have about 1.5% ... I'm levelling in dread wastes where the mobs are 90 and I notice I miss a bit, with such your low hit you must be missing a lot more, so its going to take you longer to kill anything.
This is my first character and I've been doing mostly Dungeons and Battlegrounds for 85-90, with MoP quests with the girlfriend on the side. It's gone pretty quickly just by doing that. Being able to kill single targets doesn't take very long and the xp you get from questing is pretty damn good on its own. I don't think Ferals need any help.

This is all in my opinion of course.
spec into sotf instead of incarnation first of all, so much better.

use cat form glyph for 20% addition healing, use ps procs to heal yourself. You should never really have any down time.

There's a few areas while questing where the mobs just hit like trucks and its hard for any class (i've gone 85-90 12 times, 2 in beta 10 on live) and you just have to be more careful in those areas to only pull 1 or 2 mobs or be prepared to blow CDs if you pull more.

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