Is PvP gear good for Blood PvP?

Death Knight
I remember a friend told me that it wasn't worth it to buy any PvP gear for blood, and I was just wondering everyone's opinion on this. It's the reason I have barely done any PvP.
Interested as well. Not sure if the extra 350k hp makes up for the loss of pvp resil/power.
Resil is permanent damage reduction vs players. It is absolutely necessary.
Well, I run mine as Blood in PVP and basically, if you do, you need to know your role. You're pretty much a glorified node-guardian or flag-carrier and that's about it.

With team buffs and timing your survival abilities compared with a skillful plan, you should last longer to hopefully accomplish what you need to do.

Don't expect to kill alot though....and yes, you need PVP resilience as Blood in PVP as it does make a difference.
Every gem slot should have resilience or a hybrid. I've seen some gem hybrid resil/stam in blue slots, but I think pvp power is more valuable considering the way secondary stats just give more for the slot, and you do occasionally have to contribute damage.

For meta, use one of the Stamina ones, probably the one that reduces spell damage.
The only PVE gear I run while pvping is my trinkets, I run Lao-Chin's and Jade warlord fig, if i'm fcing i'll throw on a pvp trink but thats about it

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